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hullo from Michigan

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hello, the name's Marion and I'm new to C.A.R.E. lol

what you see below is my current tank and it's lovely inhabitants, a pair of beautiful honey gouramies , and some green lantern platies. they poop way too much but I'm very hypervigilant in keeping their tank as clean as possible and they seem to all be doing well. 🙂 


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17 hours ago, FriendlyLoach said:

Welcome!!! I love your tank! I love honey gouramis, mine are so cute and funny!  

you know it's funny, my original gourami I had was a powder blue that I just adored. after he passed away I was going to get another powder blue or a neon blue because I just love blue fishes, so when I went to a LFS to check out what they had, the particular neon blue they had in stock didn't look too good but they also had these two little honey gouramies and the more I was watching them the more I started to fall in love with them so I bought those two instead and they've been with me ever since and they are just little darlings, they don't bother any of the platys, and they don't nip each other. I finally have a truly peaceful community tank and I just love it!

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