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1 hour ago, ererer said:

Very nice! I like the flowiness of the fins.

The final touch I added this morning! Took a lot of water and retouches, but it mostly turned out how I wanted. Thanks!

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@Trish by all means go ahead, I don't mind, if I wouldn't have wanted to share them and have you enjoy them I wouldn't have posted them but I do appreciate you asking.

When I still had a photography web site I had people steal photos by the dozens and try to sell them to stock photo companies which I then had to inform that I had copyrighted all the stolen inventory with the U.S. copyright agency and they had to cease and desist from selling them at which point I also quit my web site.

However, everything I post here I am comfortable with having it downloaded and for members to have it for their enjoyment. I feel honored that you would want it on your desktop.

I'm ORD once again, I still can't figure out how this is all allotted, they come and go at different times 🙂However, I would click like on your post.

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