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8 minutes ago, Yanni said:

You could definitely try quikrete all-purpose sand. Honestly, anything works as long as its not super fine like play sand. If you're going to do a sand setup, I would definitely recommend some root tabs. That will really help the plants establish faster and healthier. 

I use easy green root tabs and easy green liquid as well currently. 

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3 minutes ago, 1moretank said:

I use Vigoro pea pebbles from Home Depot, very small pebbles look  like the bottom of many little creeks and a big bag for under $5.  I grow crypts, swords, jungle val and they all seem to like it.  It's still a fairly light color.  If you don't want cloudy water, it takes a lot of rinsing.

I didn't even think of going to the hardware store. Silly me. 

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17 hours ago, Mmiller2001 said:


Best sand I've found.

Was clearing green water a few months ago, but this sand grew this jungle.


Thanks for that link. Fifty pounds for $25 shipping included (at least for Prime members) is pretty neat. I like that. 

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