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Windelov fern

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I bought some plants from the co-op and unfortunately usps shipping got it to my house a week after I ordered it and left it out side in Colorado winter. There was a lot of leaf death on the one fern, one other Java fern lost two leaves but was overall fine (along with the other plants). I heard they are slow growers and was hoping the rhyzome didn't freeze and it would be fine. It has been about a month and am wondering if I should keep hoping? I haven't seen new growth but some of the rhyzome still looks green... I don't have any experience with ferns yet. I will say that the leaf structure of the windelov looks cool 10/10 would buy again.

I also cut the dead leaves off and was wondering if that was fine or not recommended (maybe the plant could have salvaged some of the leafs energy?). Apparently I don't have any recent pictures, I'll upload one later.

PS. I learned that when ordering, take national holidays into account... along with weekends... and Covid delays...



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They grow very slowly as long as you don't bury the rhizome in the substrate. Stick it in a crack in wood, or rocks, or you can glue it onto them with super glue. If you do that with a small piece of wood, or a rock you can even move them around. Liquid fertilization, and CO2 will also help, although CO2 is not necessary to get it to grow.

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It’s a bit hard to tell from the pic, are the leaves just brown or are they wasting away? 
I have a Windelov that started turning brown. I waited until it sent out some new leaves, then cut off the worst of the brown leaves. It’s been about two months and it’s just about fully recovered. 


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