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Can someone please identify this plant for me? At first I thought was moneywort, but all the pictures I found showed round leaves. This one has cut leaves, but it does look very similar. The LFS that I got it from gets all their plants as a variety pack of stem cuttings and they're not knowledgeable enough to identify a single one. Sad, I know...

If you know the other plants too, that would be great!





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I think the plants you have are bacopa monneri, hygrophila compacta, and mondo grass. If that shorter grass like plant is mondo grass, it won't last very long underwater. Bacopa and hygrophila are both very easy plants to grow though. Try to use some fertilizers as those stems plants will love that. Beautiful Tank! 

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Looks like Bacopa crenata to me.

Origin: West Africa from Senegal to Angola, and in East Africa in Tanzania and Madagascar.

High light demand plant, prefers soft to middle hard water, 73.4F - 82.4F temperatures.

Here's a link to a site with decent pictures of it to compare:


Once on the site type Bacopa crenata in the search bar and it will take you to pictures of it.

Forgot to mention earlier, I concur with Yanni on the other two that they look like Hygrophila compacta, and Mondo grass which is one of those plants that are sold to unsuspecting buyers while generally the seller knows they'll die in a short while because they can't adapt to submersed growth.

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