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  1. Thanks for all the responses to my post. I'll give the Epsom salt a go and let you know the results.
  2. I have a 50 gallon, the substrate is organic dirt capped with sand. I used a mix of some play sand and pool filter sand, so i did have an issue with the type algae that feeds off of silicate from having used the play sand, and tannins for a while. These are the two plants that seem to show this issue the most, but I'm pretty sure they all have it. Some of the hygro leaved also have pin holes. I dose flourish excel, flourish, potassium and iron. These are what my LFS sells. My nitrates are bellow 20, gh is at or over 300, kh is at or over 300 and ph is at or over 8.4. I keep the temp at 78. Our local water sources have a lot of limestone and granite in them, so that's why our water is so hard. I do 50% water changes every 3 weeks. I thought calcium. I make my own root tabs after following some tips from, I think, an Aquapros video.
  3. Can anyone ID this plant? It reminds me of water wisteria. I got as a big stem with tons of roots growing off of it and leaves growing in clumps like the picture along the length of the stem. I cut into sections where there were leaves growing and planted it into the substrate. I'm just not sure if the stem was actually a rhizome.
  4. It sounds to me like the first two mentioned are correct, especially bacopa monneri. I'm not sure that the last one is mondo grass. My assumption was that it is dwarf sagittaria. But if you're right, it would explaine a lot about all the melting and yellowing of the leaves. I'll upload a better picture of it.
  5. Can someone please identify this plant for me? At first I thought was moneywort, but all the pictures I found showed round leaves. This one has cut leaves, but it does look very similar. The LFS that I got it from gets all their plants as a variety pack of stem cuttings and they're not knowledgeable enough to identify a single one. Sad, I know... If you know the other plants too, that would be great! Cheers! Andrew
  6. Hello, Does anyone know the ratio for mixing boiled water with cold tap water in a 5 gallon pail to refill an aquarium for 74°f or how I could figure it out? My house uses a water softener and the only taps that aren't on it are the ones that would have a garden hose attached to it. The closest one to the aquarium is in my garage. The temp out of the tap is around 45°f I think, or whatever is equivalent to 10°c. My kettle does 60oz.
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