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Hey all y'all!

Celly Rasbora

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Celly from Bama here.

Celly and Bama are both nicknames, of course. I grew up in the South, lived in Iowa for a spell and also Rhode Island. Also, have lived in Texas and Louisiana, but not chronologically. I have lived in Alabama and Iowa twice. I have an introduction already hitched onto Cory's Start here first thread. But I wanted to share this panoramic of my tank. Amazingly, I can only spot one fish out of 40 in this pic, but when I found it, I laughed. I've always thought their eyes from the front look like headlights.

It is dark in my room, so the dark side of the tank looks darker than normal, and even though it is essentially fishless, I actually like the photograph.



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Oops, starting to see more fish. I actually also see the reflection of one of the Strawberry Rasboras, Boraras naevus in full color and probably stalking a female. Only the reflective white part of him is showing. They are my most spectacular fish, but also the ones that congregate in the bottom back. The males in full coloration are a sight to see. That is actually a pretty accurate depiction of those spots. Amazing to me. I don't know why I've never thought much of them from photographs. It's a really pretty fish. I bought them at Aqua Huna with great success. I could see doing a large grouping of these. If I had more, I'd see more of them, probably.

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