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Will Hemirhamphon (halfbeak) 'Tengah' or 3-spot eat Chili rasboras?


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I had never thought of this possibility before Bob Steenfott mentioned it in his Monday livestream...mostly because these halfbeak species are pretty small (1-2 inches).  I wanted to put 6 of them in my 17 gallon heavily planted tank with my 6 licorice gourami and 12 chili rasboras.  Will this be a problem?   I pictured the halfbeaks staying near the surface under my red root floaters and Brazilian pennywort...but if they'll eat my chilis or make them too nervous, this is a no-go (and I'll be super sad...I really wanted to get halfbeaks! Fish health and safety comes first though).


This is the tank they'd be going in.  Sorry it's upside-down...there doesn't seem to be a way to rotate it in the forum (and rotating it before uploading doesn't work either).


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I have 2 in my 36 bowfront community tank.  I got them from the co-op about a year ago.  They are really cool fish!!  They are called Silver Halfbeaks, about 2 inches long. STRICTLY top dwellers.  They had fry a couple of times.  I managed to rescue ONE from the 2 separate batches (of about 4 to 6) they had.  His name is Hans Solo.
I don't know if they ate the fry or the honey gourmies or guppies did.  They are GREAT community fish, they pretty much ignore all the other fish except themselves.  The male seems to harass the female a bit, but she finds hiding spots in the plants. 


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