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  1. OMGosh killin me!! Now me and mom will have to come down and check out Elmer!! So dang cute! Still working towards that discus tank...too bad my 150 nano keeps...being Nano!! Thanks Brandon, for such great pics an info!! Michelle
  2. My tank, 150 tall, loves Anubius because...low light. I actually have 6 lights in/on the tank, but it is 3 feet tall. I was in the co-op last weekend, and I was asking Brandon about the easy planters and Anubius. Like, could Anubius be happy in the rockwool, in the easy planter (I have several). They suggested taking the rockwool out and having the Anubius tied to a course sponge in the easy planter. So, this weekend, I used "barbie bondage strap" (small zip tie) strapped to Anubius roots and course sponge, and pushed into easy planter. PERFECT!! I'm sure the plant will be so happy. Thank you so much Brandon. I am so happy we got to chat last weekend and appreciate all of your and Jaden's advice so much!! Michelle aka Mastifflvr28
  3. LOL...yeah, Seattle traffic. We were going North so more like Everett traffic, sheesh 🙂 M
  4. I got 10 more neon green tetras to go with my 20. 3 more Otos to go with my 1. A really cute Mayaca Fluviatilis, I had never noticed this plant before. My mom got 10 more neon greens to go with hers, a clown pleco and a yoyo loach! And a bunch of food, of course. We listened to the shrimp king live stream on the way down. Funny thing, I had just made a 90$ plant purchase on the website the night before, lol. We just hadn't been down for a couple of weeks so we were having withdrawls 🙂 Twas a great day! Mast
  5. The appropriate way to transport fish from the Co-op to home! Mastifflvr28
  6. Yes Patrick, there is that 🙂 Plus supporting such a great biz makes me happy!! Michelle
  7. HA CT...I spent more then 100...TWICE this week, lol. It's just so hard not to!! The meeting was AWESOME!! Corey, Dean, Zenzo, Jimmy, AND Candi!
  8. My mom, Diane, and I will be there. Is there something we need to do to prove our membership? We visited Robert at the coop on Wed to drop off fish and buy more fish 🙂 Looking forward to this meet!! Michelle
  9. Mine was not very interested in the hammock so I got an Anubias Barteri which is really broad leaves. He loves that plant, swims in and out of the leaves and sleeps on them as well. He liked the Betta log too, but they sink...both of them. So I use them for caves in my other tank. Not sure why they keep sinking...ah well 🙂 Michelle
  10. Sounds so familiar. We went last weekend and I didn't NEED anymore fish...everyone is so happy and content in my tanks. But there was this Panda Garra that was just so full of character...and he does not disappoint. Fun to watch, fits right in. Now, really, I don't NEED anymore fish...until next time. Michelle
  11. I don't think the mystery snails is really poor quality. It's been on my coffee cup for months, and that thing gets rinsed in hot water daily. All the stickers are holding up well... I bought the mystery snail in the store. I don't know which shipment this is, probly 237, but I just received the Odessa barb! Nice
  12. Got mine within 24 hours of ordering...got them faster then if I would have driven down there. Course had to fill my cart for free shipping too, lol. Love the product, thanks! Michelle
  13. I have seen this dream of superior customer service in person. Those guys work so hard on the weekends!! And they are compensated for it, It is truly a breath of fresh air, and mission accomplished. Great company, great boss. I consider this my LFS even tho it is 2 hours away, well worth it. Actually I think I pay one of their wages per month...or maybe the light bill 🙂 Michelle
  14. Yeah, mine are live birth. They also eat out of my hands...like repashy since it sinks so fast. They do jet around the tank but they aren't startled by me, usually it's the female running from the male. Reminds me of guppies. I haven't seen either of them run into the side of the tank.
  15. I have 2 in my 36 bowfront community tank. I got them from the co-op about a year ago. They are really cool fish!! They are called Silver Halfbeaks, about 2 inches long. STRICTLY top dwellers. They had fry a couple of times. I managed to rescue ONE from the 2 separate batches (of about 4 to 6) they had. His name is Hans Solo. I don't know if they ate the fry or the honey gourmies or guppies did. They are GREAT community fish, they pretty much ignore all the other fish except themselves. The male seems to harass the female a bit, but she finds hiding spots in the plants. Michelle
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