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Fish Room Increasing Home Value


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Hey everyone, I just thought I would share this experience. This week our south king county home was appraised for our refinance. The appraiser was intrigued by my fish room and determined it should add commercial value to my home.

I told him that I sell shrimp, so he called it a space for a business.

My house appraised for an extra $15k more because of my fish room.

I guess my "investment" finally paid off.



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These are definitely some older pictures, and it's definitely not worth $15k. I'm still in the early construction stage, but I have 15× 75 gallon stackables and a wall of ten gallons.

It should be around 70 to 80 tanks when I'm done. I think he was just fascinated and wanted to be on my side. He was impressed and had the impression that this was a serious thing. 

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