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  1. I breed BN plecos and Kribs in a 36 gallon with no issue. Good to have a lot of cover/areas for the fish to go, but its definitely possible.
  2. Pretty sure this is what dean uses. He paints them white.
  3. I didn't have enough total tanks to need a linear piston pump so I decided to get a pawfly 7 watt 254 GPH air pump from amazon. It's easily running 8 drops with no problem and was a great low cost option. Hopefully they last but who knows, durability is where the linear reins supreme. I'll add a 2nd pump to complete the rack. So essentially two smaller air pumps. No big rainbows for me either.... Yet. Just precox and pseudumogil as of now.
  4. Tanks are now filled with fish! System has been running great so far. I will start phase 2 this fall to add the remaining tanks to the rack. Right now my main project is trying to hatch rainbow eggs for the first time. I will def follow your thread!
  5. I use glass tops, but mine are different from dean's. You can kind of see them in this pic. Borrowed the idea from the fish boy YouTube channel. He has an instructional video and it's cheaper than the polycarbonate.
  6. Figured I'd do a quick update. Stand is done, painted, and tanks are going. I'm running the heat tape successfully so far. Keeping the tanks at about 75. The stand once completed will run one 40 breeder, four 20 tall, eight 10 gal. I'm making a trip next weekend too my favorite local spot for father's day to see if they have some fish I've been looking far. Pumped to get it going.
  7. Good to hear! I've got a 2nd batch of eggs now so we'll see what happens.
  8. So I need to qualify, I have three of the mini nano pumps. Two I ordered elsewhere online when the coop was out so its entirely possible they were from a different vendor, and then I have one from the coop. Two of my three have failed, both that I bought online from a different vendor have died after about a year. So far the Coop's is still working just fine, but in general, I think my opinion on them is still out as I don't get a ton of airflow (could be operator error). Either way though, its tough to beat the pricing and low energy usage on those things!
  9. Good points had by all! Just to update. I started out by doing nothing and letting them roam, but after awhile I noticed I was seeing less and less so I put the 5 I could catch (using a dennerle snail catcher of all things) into a breeder box. Those 5 seem to be the only ones I see now, so I'm glad I got some into the breeder box. I had krib babies as well, but oddly enough after about 10 days of free swimming, they all just disappeared, which was disappointing as I thought at least some would make it. I think some were getting picked off at night even though I tried to leave just a bit of light for the parents to guard. Good lesson there as well, if I want to raise some up, probably need to get at least some into a breeder box as well or pull the parents into their own breeding tank.
  10. Glad you asked, I had the same question! I think it can be done but was curious if anyone had tried it.
  11. Hello all, Had a nice surprise and discovered my plecos had bred and had babies that are now free swimming without me knowing about it. Question for the group. There are still some in the cave. Should I try to relocate those to a breeding box within the tank to target feed or let them to be free and munch on a very established tank that I will heavy feed. Tank mates include: bristlenose parents and an albino, pair of kribs and 10 day old fry, 5 red venezuelan cory cats, some cardinal tetras, a female apisto, and amano shrimp. Any help appreciated.
  12. If you get the co op linear piston pump and need to bleed off air, is that pretty noisy? I think I need about 20 drops in my loop, which I know is on the low end.
  13. Congrats @Emily M! I am growing out some now. Any special tricks or advice on getting them to breed when ready?
  14. If you are using tubs the idea is to heavily plant them up and maybe provide some marble size pebbles on the bottom and the fish will take care of the rest. White clouds will eat eggs but hopefully they will be concealed by all the cover when they scatter them. Including cories is what I don't know about. I feel like that would definitely impact your white cloud breeding as they will also eat eggs they find, but I've never tried it. Truth be told you don't really need a clean up crew in a tub as the plants do so well in the sun but it would be super cool if you could breed both. Hopefully someone who has tried it will pitch in. Good luck.
  15. Seriously fish has info on them. I trust them as a good source. I've looked into them before and they seem to fit in wide array of parameters which is a good thing.
  16. Daniel, what type of plants do you use? I just can't get mine to make much of a dent. I don't know if it's cause they just aren't thriving like they should be or if I just have too much nitrate and not enough plants, maybe my stocking. Probably a bit of everything. I've even guy three pothos in the back of my main tank. No matter what I do I can't get below 40 nitrate.
  17. Thats a pretty cool idea, thanks for pointing me to the article! Good to know this is an option! Have been thinking of putting in a DIY filter system to take out particulates and chloramine from my water so I didn't have to use a conditioner using Bill's idea from the no more Declor thread a couple of months back. Would be pretty easy to put nitra-zorb into the system in a separate canister as a part of this system I think.
  18. Good questions - I typically try to change somewhere between 20-40% in my tanks. The tanks I have had the longest and therefore, have done the most water changes/testing on are a 36 gallon bowfront (change 10-15 gallons - heavily planted w/ eco complete, root tabs, and once a week easy green) and a 20 long (change 5-8 gallons - lightly planted w/ peace river, no root tabs, very little easy green). I have the API test kit as well as the Tetra test strips. I typically have retested the water about a day after performing the water change. It has NOT been scientific, just something I have noticed as I can't get much of a drop in my nitrates. I think that experiment you mention would be fun to run, maybe I can do that here at some point in the next week or two and report back.
  19. Holy cow, I'm in Kansas too so this probably means I'm dealing with the same thing or at least something very similar. I am in the Kansas City area. Had a couple of seasoned fish keepers that warned me early on that our tap water wasn't the greatest for fish keeping. It's not like I am unsuccessful as a fish keeper using the tap water, but I also don't feel like its an ideal environment either. I do run plants in all of my tanks, but haven't really been able to make much of a dent in nitrates doing this. Maybe I just need to find the right combo of plants or go the RODI route with a good remineralization technique. Thanks for the info @ScottieB and @MJV Aquatics
  20. As I have done more research on the chemistry of water, I just now have come to understand that what makes Chloramines so much more difficult to deal with than Chlorine by itself is that Chloramines is chlorine bonded with ammonia. So when you treat water with Chloramines, you are essentially just breaking the bond of the Chlorine/Ammonia and then the chlorine can be handled by the chemicals (prime) and it leaves the ammonia to be handled by your biological filtration in your tank. Is this correct? When I change water in my tanks I notice that is very hard to get the nitrates in the water to lower. Based on my understanding of the above, that is due to the chloramine my city water is treated with. Essentially, this means even though I am putting in new water, because the new water contains ammonia (after I treat with Prime), the new water gets cycled by my biological filter when added and spits back out immediately as Nitrate. Am I tracking this correctly? Ok so my real question - How do I get water to my tank without any effect of the Chloramine? Is the only way to get an RODI system that filters out everything into pure water? Does running my water through a chloramine pre-filter do anything or does it have to be a full RODI system to fully remove both parts of the chemical compound? Really appreciate any help the nerm crew can provide!
  21. I didn't realize how long they could store. I got one mystery snail last summer as a single. It just now deposited eggs on the lid of my tank. I am attempting to hatch them as is on the lid. We'll see how it goes.
  22. I don't have experience with fry and if the hillstream loaches will prey on them but they don't seem to care about baby shrimp and they don't really pay attention to the other fish in the tank at all.
  23. I have both in a 20 long with cherry shrimp. I have yet to breed the loaches but the cherries are breeding. To breed the hillstream loaches I would recommend adding good sized stones to form a rock pile. From what I have researched and seen, I think that helps with them.
  24. Oddly enough just watched a YouTube video where the guy said he boiled the substrate and dried it out for a month and they still survived and are multiplying in the new tank. Sounds like they are the roaches of snails, but way more useful!
  25. I think you will be fine. I use the mediums with no issue in 20s and agree that surface area should be very similar with 2 smalls.
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