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Someone's digging up the plant.

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Hi guys, I was wondering if someone has any advice. I have a 36 gallon with 1 betta, 12 neons, 5 pygmy cory's, 2 Myers hillstream loaches and 3 assassin snails plus pest snails that are slowly going away. Something keeps digging up any plant I put into one particular corner. They'll leave the other plants alone but for some reason my fish don't want plants in that corner. Any advice?

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What's the plant and how deep are you putting it? Is it near the filter outlet? if your gravel's on the shallow side and the roots aren't very long, it might just be coming loose and bobbing up on its own. In any case, plant weights might help keep it down or discourage critters from dislodging it if that's what's happening.

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I may have overprotected the new plant😅. It's a red flame sword.  I put a weight on the base and surrounded it with rocks that were already in the tank. Hopefully the guilty party will leave it alone enough that the new plant can grow up a little🙏🏻🤞🏻💗 I took the opportunity  to trim the lily too, it was way overgrown. 



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