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Sick discus insight needed!!!!

Patrick M. Bodega Aquatics

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Hello everyone,

Does anyone know about discus diseases / parasites? I currently have a pair of 5 inch male discus in my 75 gal. Recently, they have been lethargic, dark in color, and a depleted appetite. Our water is hard where we live (80 GH) so I begun to use distilled water. I am now able to get the hardness down to 60. This helped only momentarily. I talked to a local aquarium sale clerk and she told me to use a UV light for parasites. Has anyone had any luck with this? She said that it kills all parasite. If my fish is already sick, is the UV unaffective? The same problem is believed to have killed 2 of my females. Thanks for any insight!

2020-08-16 (3).png

2020-08-16 (5).png

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UV can help, but the fish look to be infected already. The one in the second picture is very under weight. I'd make sure temps were at 85 or so, and use something like Paracleans to try and get rid of worms. If they are still eating you have a chance, if they've stopped already it's pretty hard to get them back.

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I live stream Murphy all the time and am a huge fan. Thank you so much for your reply and advice. My temp is at 80, so I will turn it up. I'll give the Paracleans a try and see how they respond. If you could guess, do you think they came with the disease or was it from their food? I feed them a variety of frozen bloodworms, brineshrimps, and pelets. They are about 1 year old. Thanks so much for the advice. I'll let you know how it goes. Your time is very much appreciated!



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