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Starting a Journal on my new 20gal high aquascaped planted tank. 


- 20gallon High

- Finnex 24"

- Timer plug

- Thermometer 

- Fluval 100w Heater

- Background vinyl cling 100% blackout

- Aquarium Co-op black airline

- Aquarium Co-op USB nano air pump

- Aquarium Co-op nano sponge filters

- Seiryu rock

- Drift wood

- Ecocomplete Black

- Black gravel

- Sand


- Red Melon Sword

- Moneywort

- Cryptocoryne Wendtii Green 

- Dwarf Chain Sword 

- Montecarlo 

- Anubias Nana Petite 

- Bucephalandra Buce Godzilla Kedagang Red

First Day Setup:

- Layed out rock and driftwood before putting in substrate. 20210122_140839.jpg.4175cc9a083f9c66fe0c523e96308934.jpg

- Put substrate in, rock, and driftwood


- Planted and filled with water


- Added Beneficially Bacteria and now the cycle begins 🤗

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Changed the title of the feed
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36 minutes ago, James Black said:

that looks really good. Once the monte carlo and the dwarf chain sword carpet on the black substrate its going to look AWESOME! I have to agree with @Streetwise on the placement of the filters, looks great. I think Mollys would look great in that tank along with a apistogramma cacatuoides double red.

Thanks for the comment and cannot wait to see it fill in. No more mollies for me. I have them in other tanks but the Apistogramma is definitely a idea. I still deciding on stocking but right now the plan is slow grow. My first thoughts are nano fish so I am able to stock more and have some cherry shrimp as well. 

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Tank is coming along good so far. Today I put in a few cherry shrimp that I needed to re-home.

I have been dosing with seed bacteria starter and put in some filter floss behind the rock from a established tank. Parameters have been good. I have about .50 nitrite right now and between 0-20 ppm nitrate. The ammonia level is below .25 hardly detectable. Hoping this week the nitrite will drop off. 

I did find out two days ago that a egg or two was in the filter floss. I saw this little swimmer in the tank. He is still going strong. Been feeding it infusoria and now some Sera fry food. Way to small for baby brine at this time. Can be only be a CPD or neon tetra baby. Be interesting to what it is. 🤔


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  • 2 weeks later...

My little hitchhiker fry is doing well. Growing but still cannot tell what it is yet. 

Tank Nitrite was all the way up to 5.0 PPM for 5 days and now it just dropped to .25 PPM today. I think it is just about done cycling. 

Interesting thing is that the one fry and the 3 cherry shrimp I had in the tank did very well through the cycle. 

All my plants have had some growth. The chain sword is starting to really spread. 

I will load some pictures later.

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Had to move this Cryptocoryne Wendtii Green as it was way to close to the rock. Moved it forward. When I pulled it up from the substrate it had a massive root system already and only had been in the tank since 22 January. Also, the dwarf chain sword had sent out about 4 runners now with little plants popping up all over the place. The Montecarlo is slowly coming along. Not getting a lot of spread yet but the roots are growing very well. 

Got to love the quality of plants from the CO-OP. 😀😀


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Changed the title because I would like to document all my aquarium activities in one area instead of several. 

Yesterday, I did a 30% water change on the 20 gallon planted tank after running meds for a week. Fish and plants are doing great. The little baby hitchhiker fish is growing..still do not know what species of fish it is yet. 20210220_074343.jpg.c242c02729af64dffb1c03c12845306a.jpg



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Today I did a 40% water change on the main display tank that I have been neglecting. Cleaned filters and did some plant trimming. Also, added some more Aquarium CO-OP root tabs. 

A few photos I took on the main display tank. 









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My 10gal dirted tank (experiment) is coming along. Set it up and planted on 24 January 2021 with a cycled sponge filter. Added a HOB as well so I could add some crushed coral and media for benifical bacteria. I am still having some higher nitrites levels. They did go away for about 3 days but came back. Been doing 25% water changes every 3 days. No nitrites in tap water. No ammonia and showing nitrates. Hopefully it will level out soon. 

2nd day of setup20210130_160243.jpg.0e24547c587559942e83221be976b88f.jpg

8 February20210208_203851.jpg.6f923e8069cdd66050b6727b69fe68e8.jpg

21 February


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Well I needed to get my hands wet again.

Rescaped my 10gal and did a water change.


I also did a water change on my 20gal. Little (Adrian) is growing up. Got a few shots of the hovering pygmy corydoras. 


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Had a death in the fish family yesterday. Bought a rubber lip pleco on Wednesday and put him in my 20gal. He did fine until I did my water change yesterday. Tested water this morning and noticed that their was ammonia and a nitrite spike. Then I noticed my Amanos picking at a tail in the back of the tank.  Well he must of passed last night. I am thinking he just did not like the water change.  

Well that stinks!!! I may just put in a baby bristle nose as I seem to have good luck with them. Hopefully my rubbernose in the 10 gallon does good. 

Swim in peace buddy!!

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