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What breed of guppy is this?


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Hello everyone, 

I have two male Endler's livebearers and a female guppy that have bred. The Endler's livebearers are very close to the wild form, but I do not know what breed of guppy the female guppy is. They produced many different fry, but produced the most of this type. Is has a yellow-and-black tail and fins, with maybe a silver and lime pattern across the body. Could anyone identify if this is a certain strain of guppy?



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Thanks! In the past when my (then) only Endler's Livebearers would breed, I'd just give the babies to my local fish store and keep a couple of the males (the males I have now are from that lineage). But now, with the guppy genes, I figured I might try to breed this strain and start selling them as "fancy guppy/endlers" they reproduce.

Also from the same "litter" (they have the same mother and the male Endler's livebearers are the only fish she's mated with) as the tiger-looking endler guppies shown above was a couple of red ones, which look pretty cool too. It is really odd that they are a way different color. The second picture is of both them and their fathers (endler's livebearers). Does anyone know what this kind might be?




Thanks again.

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