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Jurrian Hering

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Hi!  I'm keeping Nanacara anomala with corydoras and most of the time the cichlids leave them alone.  There is a bit of chasing when the female is guarding eggs.  We thought there was some fin nipping going on but we're not sure since we haven't seen it.   

While not Otocinclus, I think the observations can carry over.  I wouldn't hesitate to put otocinclus in my tank, especially since I added a few more plants to break up the sight lines even further.  

Your mileage will vary, I'm sure. Every fish can be a little different.  Also keep in mind that brown algae is generally temporary and can be cleaned up manually too.   I'm with you though.  I don't enjoy how it looks and would want it gone. 

Editing to add that otocinclus are fun to keep whether they're in there to clean up a specific problem or not.  🙂


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