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  1. Do you know what might have cause the disease itself? I'm a lot more bothered by not knowing how a fish kept the way this was got HITH, than the disease itself
  2. Ph in my tapwater is pretty much the same as in my tank. Same goes for temperature. Since I live in a tropical county, my tapwater is in the 70s 90% of the time. I'm also in the habit of doing bigger water changes in tanks where I want fish to grow faster, and I haven't used activated carbon in years
  3. Pretty much everywhere I look says hole in the head is caused by poor water conditions. Is there any other causes or is 70% weekly water changes not enough in my case? I also have an oversized canister leftover from another build that has turnover of 20x the tank volume per hour Also I started treating with metronidazole and prazipro (I don't have either paracleanse or general cure in my country). I'm also planning on doing a 70% water change every other day or every 3 days for the next couple of weeks, just in case. Is that going to help?
  4. How could I get better water quality if I already do large weekly water changes and I have no issues whatsoever with ammonia and nitrites? Should I do 70% water changes twice a week??? Or maybe it has a different cause in my case? I'm honestly at a loss here
  5. So one of my angels started developing some white masses on its head. I've been told it could be hole in the head disease, but this tank is way overfiltered (got about 20x the tank volume going through my filters) and I do 70% weekly water changes. Is it really hole in the head disease, or is it something else? Temp is 84°F, ammonia and nitrites are 0, ph is 6,5 Edit: I have no idea why are theast 2 photos upside down 😅
  6. What if I don't have that available in my county?
  7. I'll try to get some better pics
  8. So one of my guppies has something weird coming out of the base of his tail. Does anyone know what that might be? I looked up on the internet and it looks like anchor worms???
  9. So I got 2 pairs guppies from a friend's tank, and both females seem to be developing what I think is fin rot. His tank doesn't have fish with fin rot and parameters are fine. My ph is 7.8, 0 ammonia and nitrites, 15 nitrates, temp is at 78°F My other fish seem to be fine. I do not have access to maracyn in my country. Is this really fin rot? What should I do?
  10. Honestly, it's not a big problem, but it's extremely easy to deal with as well. Buy a dog dewormer named panacur C and apply 1 drop per 4 gallons. In 24h all hydra should be dead. This is extremely safe and does not harm fish, plants, snails or shrimp, but it does kill planaria as a bonus 😁
  11. I have a 55 planted tank with nano fish and neocaridina shrimp myself. Here is my stocking. It's working perfectly: Hyphessobrycon negodagua Got 12 a few months ago. After less than 24h in my tank, they had already started spawning! I'm currently keeping them in a 55 gallon with neocaridina shrimp, 2 vampire shrimp, mistery snails, 12 Cardinal tetras, 12 chilli rasboras, 12 celestial pearl danios, a sae, 6 hillstream loaches, 2 l168 plecos, 6 longfin albino bristlenose plecos and hundreds of guppies (I started with a trio). Despite all of the fish and invertebrates, everyone seems to be doing great, and I sell around 100 neocaridina shrimp from that tank every 3 months.
  12. I believe it depends on the betta's personality. I tried it myself and it didn't work
  13. I would keep the south American fish (tetras, angel, ram...) in one tank, along with the smaller rasboras, and the other fish in another tank. Also, if you send pics of this possible severum here, I might be able to identify it for you. Also, a lot of those fish will get stressed out of kept alone or in schools of less than 6 fish ox the same species. Long term, if I were you, I'd try to either get a school of each species or maybe try to donate some of them and buy more from the rest.
  14. Looks like you got the perfect diet for pea puffers then. Neocaridina shrimp, snails and bbs. It doesn't get any better than that 😂😂 In case you don't have the pea puffers yet, you could set up the tank and let a shrimp shrimp colony develop there. Then you could possibly have them happy and eating most of the shrimplets without killing all the shrimp 😂
  15. How is your line? Do you need to cull a lot? Either way, a mixed snail/shrimp diet is probably about as good of a diet for pea puffers as you can possible get
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