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Best plants for an Angel breeding tank?

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Howdy Nerms!

I am setting up an Angelfish breeding tank (30 gallon) bare bottom and I would like to know the best live plants to use for that tank?

I am buying two easy planters from the coop what type of plants would you suggest I use in them.  I would like some height to give some sightline breaks.

Hit me with suggestions!

Many thanks!


PS sorry if this was asked before - I didn't do an exhaustive search.


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I don't have experience with angels breeding on plants but I have seen plenty of videos and pictures of them laying on Amazon Swords.

That being said, it doesn't sound like you are looking for plants for them to breed on, just more for line of sight blocking?

If that is the case, I would go with Dwarf Sag.  All the Dwarf Sag in my tanks have done very well, reaching the waterline and extending out.  Java fern could be good too, but perhaps those wider leaves would invite the angels to breed on them??

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