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I have recently gotten some Large ACO sponge filters and decided to switch my bigger tanks to straight sponge filters.

Under the category of that which can happen will happen...

I very nearly lost an otocinclus this morning. One of my littlest must have been munching along the airline, and went into the uplift tube. I found him stuck in there. I expected him to be dead but he was very much alive. I tried taking off the uplift tube but he was still stuck. I tried gently pulling on his body, but nope. I ended up disassembling the filter, and finding that he had wedged his head in the grate at the top. I pushed gently on his nose with forceps and got him free, none the worse for wear. 

I assume large filters, being designed for large tanks, assume you will have large fish...Or possibly smarter fish. 🙄

I will be adding a disk of plastic needlepoint mesh to the airline above the uplift to prevent further casualties. 

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I just had a juvenile Cory do something similar. Wedged itself into a piece of cholla wood trying to get at some food. Had to break the piece of wood apart to get him out. Unfortunately he didn't seem to be able to swim after I got him out. He passed away in the quarantine tank the next morning. I think he broke his tail trying to get out of the piece of wood. 

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