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Found 4 results

  1. While squeezing out my sponge filter in old tank water, I found my poor oto dead with his stuck in the top of the cap where the lift tube connects. So how do you prevent this from happening again? I don't have other otos, he was it. Can you use some kind of netting, mesh or panty hose? Does it disrupt or block the flow? Cut out some of the "spokes"? I'm bummed 😞
  2. One of my Harlequin Rasboras got stuck in a fake plant yesterday. He died before I noticed. Very upsetting. I don't like the fake plants but I was using it in my quarantine tank in case I needed to use salt. I will be making some changes but the issue got me worried about the new tank I am preparing. I am using driftwood and one of the pieces has some very neat holes that are basically small tunnels. Now I am worried fish may get stuck. Any recommendations on what I should do?
  3. I have recently gotten some Large ACO sponge filters and decided to switch my bigger tanks to straight sponge filters. Under the category of that which can happen will happen... I very nearly lost an otocinclus this morning. One of my littlest must have been munching along the airline, and went into the uplift tube. I found him stuck in there. I expected him to be dead but he was very much alive. I tried taking off the uplift tube but he was still stuck. I tried gently pulling on his body, but nope. I ended up disassembling the filter, and finding that he had wedged his head in the grate at the top. I pushed gently on his nose with forceps and got him free, none the worse for wear. I assume large filters, being designed for large tanks, assume you will have large fish...Or possibly smarter fish. 🙄 I will be adding a disk of plastic needlepoint mesh to the airline above the uplift to prevent further casualties.
  4. I will preface this to say that he appears to be fine. He's got a scratch where he got scraped by the plastic from me pulling him out. It definitely happened overnight so it's good I check my tanks every morning. I came in and he was just sitting in the tube flapping with the bubbles. I assumed he was dead so I pulled the plug for the whole tank to retrieve him and he wiggled. So I pulled the filter out and started disassembling it. I considered pushing him back through and decided that would probably hurt him more. I didn't want to twist him and injure him or break him in half. So I just gently tugged his tail and he immediate dove to the bottom of the tank. I'm sure he's not very happy but he's alive and unstuck. Has this ever happened to anyone else? I can't be the only one. Picture of the sponge just for reference I was too busy worrying about my fish to get the picture of him stuck in there but it crossed my mind and I decided to just hurry up and help him. He's on a leaf now so he seems like he's going to be okay.
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