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Dean's tank holding fry containers

Austin Raabe

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The tank itself is a 20 gallon tank that is filtered by an Eheim canister filter filled with bio-media. There is a relatively fine sponge on it's intake in the tank. There is also a fine sponge filter in the tank and another small filter in the tank that is kind of like a small box filter, it has coral in it for buffering the water. Finally there is a really fine sponge on the intake to the power head that supplies water to the fry trays. About every three months I clean all the sponges and filter media in the tank itself. I haven't cleaned the canister filter in the last three years. I do approximately 30% water changes three times a week.

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I love it when I can search for an answer and find that exact answer already posted in a thread somewhere! And in this case, the answer is from the man himself @Dean’s Fishroom. Also, thanks @Bentley Pascoe and Dean for taking the time to make a detailed video about your fry tank setup, I'm looking forward to trying it out myself.

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