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My mystery Corydora


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Well I am a brand spanken’ new poster here. I am not new to aquaria, however I am not the most versed in the 582 billion Corydora sp out there. To the point here, I picked up some Corydoras that were dropped off at my local store by another hobbyist. I was told they were similis.... it has been over a week and I am very sure they are not, but I don’t know what so they are for sure. My water ph is 7.6 out the tap on well in Spanaway, hardness of 150+. Don’t want to do to much damage to these six little ones if I can help it. They seem happy enough as is.




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I bought 6 from a shop that were supposed to be Bronze, but half were actually Rusty. The Rustys look a lot like yours.

Not sure how to link it here, but I have a video on my IG showing both kinds.


*I think I figured out how to link it *

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