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  1. Well my last update for the most part is - Good news! The majority of fry are growing I. The pond. I have some in a new large tank inside. If all goes well they will be collected and at Aquarium paradise in Lakewood this spring!
  2. I have had mixed emotions with nerite snails. I have had 10 gallons with 1 that constantly dropped eggs everywhere that never hatched. I have a couple in a 100gal and hard water with zero eggs ever. The last was well water from the south sound.
  3. It’s a hole after a few water falls. Fed by runoff but enclosed. I have been avoiding the lowering of water but maybe I can find an ethical solution in the end
  4. Anyone interested in koi babies? They are a mystery variant. Either peacock, white and black or another. A store close mentioned they buy but got tight lipped with the mention of 100+fry. I have 5 adults and tons of babies in the pond. Previous house owner brute forced everything with draining and peroxide for water quality management. I use a net and my hands to clean. Now babies. Any advice? I figured renal by trapping works best from a previous poster but I have too many ideas for my lacking personal knowledge.
  5. Quick update. I pulled 4 fry out to get a closer look in a quarantine tank. 2 look like butterfly fry? Another two look like dark grey goldies. A store in lakewood sells koi. I hope they need stock. There are many more growing in the pond.
  6. Yowza. I think I can start with a couple in my 10 gal quarantine tank and pond water. I’ll give a ring to my closest store. Few weeks ago they had a display tank with koi. I’m sure I can get some out that way.
  7. Hey everyone. I would like to pass on a couple cents or too. Currently I am running a tank with rainbows. I have been ordering from Ac for a while. It figure I could do a formal intro. I was a big Oscar owner but aquarium coop helped open the doors.
  8. It’s going to be an interesting experiment. Some solid gray, some reddish and others cream and orange head. But I would not be surprised if there were more than 100. My fish tank has only has 8 rainbows, a bristlenose, gold dojo, a couple cories. And a few shrimp left living I. The rubble piles. I have room for a couple at least.
  9. Netting would be a pain but an adventure. The middle has a big rock cave for overwintering the fish, it’s bottom is almost 4 feet 😅
  10. I have a large tank inside, 4’x2’x18in. The 90 or 100 gal glass tank. I am running off hard well water with some phosphates and nitrates. Outside the rain water that collects and with plants the ph is a solid 6. My house water comes out at 7.6 and gh of almost 200. So it’s full of rainbow fish an albino long fin bristle nose. Gold dojo and plants. Worth a thought though.
  11. Hi all! So I am a new homeowner that came with an 1100+ gal pond and water feature. The previous owner said there were 4 koi in the pond. Pretty sure that’s true. Two large cream and black. And a butterfly. And an orange one. There seems to be a large gray goldfish too that’s hard to see and previous owner over looked. I keep fish and take care of the pond naturally and mechanically remove algae. Today my wife, two year old and I discovered tons and tons of these little minnows. I can’t believe they would spawn In The pond.... the previous owner never mentioned the phenomenon but he also poured 25% hydro peroxide along the rim every week to kill algae, I suspect from over feeding and didn’t pull out detritus. The owner said he would drain the pond 2x a year.... long story short. Anyone have experience? 4 koi in a 1100 gal pond is plenty for that size I think. I should probably remove them right? Anyone have something similar happen? Maybe there is a trap I can use and give them away that way.
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