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  1. So I found this growing in a brackish water ghost shrimp tank at work and we're completely stumped. Also it secrets a white milky gunk when touched underwater. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Yeah! I have a bunch of plants. Stem plants of all sports, anubias, Java fern, pennywort, and more lol. I'm using a Bio-wheel 350 (the older version of the 375) Awesome! Thank you for the advice! I have a bunch of plants xD EDIT: the white skirt and glofish are super similar in shape and size. Yep! I've tried that. Even added air and heat.
  3. I know this question has been asked 1,000 times so I apologize in advance, I just wanted to hear some opinions from like minded nerms. I have a 60 Gallon Tall (which is a weird tank, but I got a good deal on it) with 1 Angel, 1 White Skirt Tetra, and 1 Glofish Tetra. I have another Angel and Oto-cat in a QT Tank that I plan on adding eventually. My Tetras are pretty territorial and skidish. So I wanted to add more to make them more comfortable. How many more white skirts and glo tetras could I add to make them shoal together while keeping the tank slightly understocked (less frequent water changes)? I'm trying to keep the tank understocked because I have to get my water from the town over. The reason being.. my tap has a pH of 9 and a KH of 10 so its really hard to adjust/ I don't want to chase pH/ my fish are used to the other towns water. I've done a ton of research to find a better way but this is the only way that's affordable at the moment. Thank you for your time! (Sorry for the bad formatting, I'm on mobile)
  4. I was wondering if it's possible to crush 'crushed coral' into a powder to increase surface area when trying to raise KH? I've had crushed coral in my tanks for a bit now and I can't seem to get my KH higher than a 2. Has anyone tried to do this before and if so, what was the result? Also I assume that the dosing would be much smaller? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, -BisScottie
  5. Interesting lol. I don't think its a disease though. Maybe I need to find some info on snail anatomy?
  6. I decided to take some close up shots of my snails and noticed this white "hand" looking stuff on its shell. Does anyone know what that is? I assume it has something to do with growth? I don't think its a disease so I'm posting in general discussion. I'd love to hear if anyone has seen anything similar?
  7. Before After This snail tank started out as a plant grow out tank that I put next to my indoor plants for an experiment. Next thing I knew there was a bunch of snails so it became a snail grow out. Let me know what you think and if you have any questions feel free to ask!
  8. Yeah! Its hard since I'm living in my grandparent's basement and any damages caused I'll have to pay for. Which can get pretty expensive. Its actually a 60 gallon tall. Super weird right? Also the tank was made in 2011 so that worries me as well :/
  9. I'll have to recheck it! I still have the old test kit. I'll have to do a side by side comparison if you're interested? I measured the dose according to the 5ml line. I might start using a medical grade needle to measure 5ml. My girlfriend is in nursing school so stuff like that is super easy it get (* ^ ω ^)
  10. Thank you! I feel like I'm really overthinking this whole issue. I live with my grandparents at the moment and if the tank leaks.. I have to pay for repairs which can be super expensive. So this whole thing has been running circles in my head.
  11. That's a really good point. So here's my thought... remove the foam, keep the plywood, shim under the cinderblocks until the tank is true and level when its full? The foam stemmed from the yoga mat/corkboard idea that was brought up earlier, so I thought more might be better. lol
  12. There is still a piece of wood under the foam. It goes Tank - Foam - Plywood - Cinder Block.
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