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50 gallon Kribensis tank. Tankmates?

Kim Esbye Blomberg

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A big hello from Denmark.

Sadly my female angelfish past away a couple weeks ago. It took about a year from buying 8 juvenile angelfish to having a pair to lay eggs. 

Once i was sure i had a pair, i found new homes for the rest of the angelfish. The big dream was having a breeding pair of angels, in the living room tank. It was a sad day when i came home to a dead female angelfish. I have other cold water tanks in my workshop for my overvintering of my mini pond species. But i only have that one tank in the house.

Since then i have decided that i want to try my luck at Breeding Kribensis instead. I have considered having congo tetras, siamese algae eaters and maybe some Cory catfish with them. Not sure about the Corys yet.

Im not sure about the amount of Congos and Sae's though. What would you suggest?

Any other good suggestions on tank mates is very much apreciated too.

I think the tank is what you would call medium planted. Not sure though.

Kim Esbye Blomberg (Denmark)

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Asking for additional suggestions
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We found that in a 20 gal. long (75.7 liter) aquarium, one breeding pair of Kribensis (pelvicachromis pulcher) benefitted from sharing the space with a tight-schooling group of 9x Brilliant rasboras (Rasbora einthovenii). Here is a breeding journal video we made last year . . .


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