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Hey guys,

My name is Bruce. I'm relatively new to the hobby ~6 months. I currently only have a single tank with a betta, 6 cory cats, 6 Harlequin Rasboras, some cherry shrimp, and 2 Bamboo shrimp. I've been considering starting a daphnia culture as I have 2 more tanks waiting to be set up and hope to start breeding soon. I was thinking with all the extra nutrients in the water as a byproduct of the daphnia plus the 24 hour lighting would this be an environment where I could grow out some plants or would the 24 hour light dry/stress them out? Also, if I do go about it this way would I be able to float heavy root feeders and will they absorb the nutrients through roots in the water column or will they die from this? Thank you guys in advanced for any answers!!!

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