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Corydora Infection Every Few Months!?


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For over a year I have had this pop up every few months with my Corydora Paleatus. It starts as a spot around the head, and then it spreads. I’ve tried treating with Erythromycin and Furan 2, but I have always lost the fish. 

This little guy had a spot about a week ago. I moved him to the qt tank and added 3 Tbs of salt. This morning it looks a lot worse. I did a 50% water change and added 2 additional Tbs of salt (1 Tbs per 2 gallons now). I know that if it doesn’t get better in 4-5 days I should increase the salt to 1 to 1g, but is that safe for Corydora? 

Does anyone recognize this? Any idea how I can prevent it? I could really use some help. I love my cories but I hate losing a fish to this every few month. 



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Water parameters:

ammonia 0

nitrite 0

nitrate 30 ppm

pH 7.4


I change at least 20% every week. I always see people say to keep clean water, but I’m not sure what they mean. It’s a planted tank. 

@James BlackI may have tried General Cure in the past, but wasn’t thinking about it because I normal think of it for parasites. Can I use General Cure with the salt?

I see this same thing every few months with only Corydora. The tank is a 75 gallon and has Mollies, Rasboras, Neons, Otos, Red Cherry Shrimp, and a few snails. 


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I had a system failure last week. I woke up to find the sponge filter was not running. My pump was not running. I had a spare air pump so Interested lugged it up and switched the line... no air. 

I took my sponge filter apart and there was air  coming through the line. My Ziss Never clog was... clogged. I loosened the stone, connected the line and it worked. 

Unfortunately, through out all of this the little guy never moved. He was gone. Such a bummer. The hole was healing up, but he had lost all color around the area. I’m not sure if it was the infection or the airstone failure...

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I think this is already back. It’s always Paleatus Corydora too. My Sterbaii doesn’t seem to be affected. This is one of my newest additions, but he has been in for several months. The hole looks kind of similar, and I can’t tell if the white is from the fish or sand... 


Anyone have any advice on what to do. Should I just try to keep the water clean? Or QT the fish? 

Also, what can I do to stop my fish from getting this? I’m at a loss. I love watching my cories, but I almost feel like my tank is a death sentence for them. Should I treat the tank with something?

I just checked parameters. 
nitrates 20 ppm, ammonia 0, pH 8. All normal for me. Water is normal at 76. 




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It looks like hole in head disease i would treat with API general or paracleanse and salt at 1table spoon for 2gallons l have read they is link between active carbon and hole in head disease I would remove carbon from filter do a water change to remove remaining carbon residue and start treatment

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I have both general cure and Paracleanse, not sure if I have enough for the 75g tank. I’ll have to see. I am afraid to use the salt due to snails and plants. I can remove the Corydora and treat with all three easily, but I’d like to see if I can get this out of my tank too. 

No active carbon. I’ve never put it in my tank. 

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Alright, I made my second order of the week from the co-op and bought enough to treat the whole tank. I have seven packets of each so I’ll watch the tracking and possibly start treatment tomorrow. 

I know I’ve heard/seen many say that ich-x can also help with fungal infections. Would it be a bad idea to dose the whole tank with the med trio tomorrow and then continuenthe Maracyn end Paracleanse treatments? 

Thanks again everyone for your input. Someone in the Facebook group recommended Herbtana. I don’t have it available in my area, but if I have issues again after this treatment I might consider ordering it to try. Have you used it? Heard of it?

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I have moved the little guy over to a QT tank. It is salted level 2 (1 tbs to 2 gallons). I wanted to let him spend some time in there first. He looked worse today and I’ll be administering the Maracyn and Paracleanse when a I get off work. 

I am waiting on the meds from ACO to start the big tank. I’m going to start treating the little guy first. 

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