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DYI Topic?


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28 minutes ago, Daniel said:

@ShellFire Might be saying that it would nice to have a seperate DIY Forum in which DIY topics could be posted? Something 'Fish Breeding' or 'Diseases', but 'DIY'.

I know when search the diy tag I get at least 66 posts.

Hi Daniel - 

I was thinking of my DIY Floating Plant Corrals that I posted in Plants. I was thinking hardware stuff. Like I saw where someone made a tube holder & dryer for their water testing tubes, and I'd love to do that, too. But maybe there are multiple different designs. 

Like the shrimp guy in one of Cory's video's used a plastic cup lid to stop the sponge filter from throwing water everywhere. I didn't even know I needed that until I saw him with one!

Dean made a floating breeding basket for his pregnant mommas that was AWESOME! Much better than putting them in a small breeder box, and BONUS! the fry can escape into the tank, just the momma's are contained. 

Stuff that people did that they think that others would find useful. They can list the steps and basic directions and post pictures. 




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On 8/20/2020 at 10:39 AM, Cory said:

In time there will be handy gifs and videos showing forum functions. 

As for a how to forum. Forum categories are created on a need because there are enough topics to support it, not the other way around. Get 30 to 50 meaningful how to threads going and there is a chance we make it a category. 


On 7/14/2020 at 1:52 PM, Cory said:

I'd say the journal/photo is the place for it now. It can create problems when there are too many categories for a forum when it's new, if the DIY area becomes a big recurring theme, we can always sort em into their own category later. For now, the fewer categories the more things will be seen and appreciated.

Do we have 30-50 meaningful DIY posts to count towards a recurring theme? I'd like a DIY specific forum category too.

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