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20H Substrate/Plants


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So I almost have everything together for my 20 gallon. I'm looking for some suggestions though. 

I've used Eco Complete and it's good. I'm thinking about trying something different though. What does everyone like the best? I don't want dirt but I'm interested in capping something like more Eco or Flourite with sand maybe? 

I'm using a Finnex Stingray 24 inch. (No co2. Yet.) I'll be moving some vallisneria into this tank. But I want some more colors and shapes. I like the look of pogostemon stellaris. Will this grow ok in my setup? Some websites seem to recommend more medium light for it.

What about some reddish plants? It's my first time using a Finnex so I'm just not sure what will do well yet. Maybe a dwarf aquarium lily? I'm skeptical about adding something like rotala or scarlet temple.

Hit me with all your thoughts and suggestions!

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I'm a big fan of aquasoils. Dirting a tank will give you awesome results with the plants, however it can be quite messy when you inevitably need to uproot plants. It can be minimalized if you do it slowly and carefully, but it's inevitable.


You can use just about any substrate you want if you're willing to change how you do things. Root tabs, letting mulm naturally compost, using some type of soil, etc. You have a lot of options that can all work.

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Just now, yannachka
1 minute ago, Wisnasky-tank said:

Do you think you can put eco complete fluoride on top of sand and it work?

on top of sand? yes, but not sure what the point of that would be. 

Well to be honest I have less than 2inches of sand in a community tank this is my planted tank aswell and didn’t know if I could just add the fluorite being it’s not that much trying not to have to uproot and pull everything make it all dirty and stirred up

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