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Fishcapades- Miska's Field Trips


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Hi there! I love to go to hatcheries, aquarium stores, aquariums (I live near 2-3 nice ones, only have been to one), anywhere, and take photos and document my travels!


Today I went to: That Fish Place.


@Guppysnail will be meeting me there next week! I am Autistic, so for me, visualizing the store and walking around and getting to know it eases my anxiety when it comes to these things. 


Overview: Mega Pet Store- That Fish Place is a store in Lancaster PA, about an hour from me (ish, not exact for privacy sake).  It has a very large reptile, and small animal area, as well as its own fish room, and a large amount of pond supplies. 

Impression: Clean, well staffed, and easy to walk around. Very good everything, though the prices are higher than I am used to in some areas. Still, less expensive than higher end options, and rival Petco/PetSmart. Unfortunately, the Otos had 6 dead in a corner, in one tank, but all other tanks looked well maintain. The Herpetological Society of Lancaster (Squee!!!) Meets there as well as, I believe, other clubs. 

Whoever Ben is- he scapes the display aquariums and I am exceptionally impressed. The fish are not overstocked in them, and the water quality is exceptional. 

Fish Room: Dark, has a variety of plants and fish- did not have endlers (weird) but had most of my desires outside of that. After seeing the pile of dead Otos in the corner, however, I had to flee the area, so I did not get a full impression. Next time I will walk around the fish area more thoroughly. A lot of educational pamphlets. 

Will I go back? Absolutely. Overall I was very impressed with the store, though I am concerned about that tank. However all other tanks I looked in had no Fish Sticks tm, so it could be any number of things. I did alert the staff because there was another fish dying as I looked at it. They were kind and said they would have someone check on it right away (I told a cashier because I had to flee the area). 










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I did!!! I loved doing it at the Georgia Aquarium. I couldn't get my son to do it, though. He almost did then come got excited and came at him and he squealed and just wanted to look (he's 3). 


I am excited to meet you too!!!

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I went to the Ciclid Club of York today for my first ever club meeting! I joined, and made my family join too.


It was amazing. I learned so much about tubs! And I took notes!!! My husband even came and took his book and listened. 😄 I ended up buying way too many fish (I should not be as in love with Guppies as I am) and I got Pandas!!! From @Guppysnail and I got plants. Water Sprite!

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The Tank of Endlers and gups I got (QT tank)IMG_9202.jpeg.a1f71190c6d75e9397f4fd78d3efc0f5.jpeg


This is one of the new Pandas! 



This Oto is hanging out at the bottom (and has now been joined by a friend) it is making me nervous. This is the second day it has been doing this. @xXInkedPhoenixX might you have an idea? It does the normal still Oto, still Oto. Nom nom nom. thing it does. 


And then we have Citrine! My baby. He's so big he is probably old but for 3 dollars? I do not care. He is amazing and I love him so much. We did witness a three part Snorgy today lmao.




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They tend to do that when they are trying to avoid the chaos and just do their own thing.  No sleeping per say, but just a calm area to breathe and rest a little.  Mine do it all the time laying on the CO2 checker, S.Repens, Moss, Heater, Tubes, Etc.  Something on the substrate as well, but it's all the same behavior. 

I would wager a guess that the spot where the oto is either quiet with a specific type of flow that oto likes to bask in.

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Thank you both!! Otos are my favorite fish and I got scared.


I have! They all have tear drops! (I check and that one was on the glass a little yesterday! )


I feed them algae wafers and cucumber and I am going to be working on snello for the snails so I will set aside some veg for them! 

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