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Fishcapades- Miska's Field Trips

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Hi there! I love to go to hatcheries, aquarium stores, aquariums (I live near 2-3 nice ones, only have been to one), anywhere, and take photos and document my travels!


Today I went to: That Fish Place.


@Guppysnail will be meeting me there next week! I am Autistic, so for me, visualizing the store and walking around and getting to know it eases my anxiety when it comes to these things. 


Overview: Mega Pet Store- That Fish Place is a store in Lancaster PA, about an hour from me (ish, not exact for privacy sake).  It has a very large reptile, and small animal area, as well as its own fish room, and a large amount of pond supplies. 

Impression: Clean, well staffed, and easy to walk around. Very good everything, though the prices are higher than I am used to in some areas. Still, less expensive than higher end options, and rival Petco/PetSmart. Unfortunately, the Otos had 6 dead in a corner, in one tank, but all other tanks looked well maintain. The Herpetological Society of Lancaster (Squee!!!) Meets there as well as, I believe, other clubs. 

Whoever Ben is- he scapes the display aquariums and I am exceptionally impressed. The fish are not overstocked in them, and the water quality is exceptional. 

Fish Room: Dark, has a variety of plants and fish- did not have endlers (weird) but had most of my desires outside of that. After seeing the pile of dead Otos in the corner, however, I had to flee the area, so I did not get a full impression. Next time I will walk around the fish area more thoroughly. A lot of educational pamphlets. 

Will I go back? Absolutely. Overall I was very impressed with the store, though I am concerned about that tank. However all other tanks I looked in had no Fish Sticks tm, so it could be any number of things. I did alert the staff because there was another fish dying as I looked at it. They were kind and said they would have someone check on it right away (I told a cashier because I had to flee the area). 










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I did!!! I loved doing it at the Georgia Aquarium. I couldn't get my son to do it, though. He almost did then come got excited and came at him and he squealed and just wanted to look (he's 3). 


I am excited to meet you too!!!

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