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Hi! Happy to be here from KY (for the moment). Forgive my poor-quality pictures and my poor-quality glass!

My wife & I have recently gotten back into the hobby with a small collection of nano fish, cherry shrimp, and snails. Pictured here is our newest tank, a 55 gallon planted tank with small groups of harlequin rasboras, neon tetras (not pictured), and kuhli loaches, plus a handful of assassin snails (not pictured) and several (dozen, hundred?) bladder snails.

55 gallon planted aquarium with a small group of harlequin rasboras

It's a good little group, soon to be joined by a group of cardinal tetras in my 20 gallon. They have been moved in slowly over the last few weeks after having set up the tank in January, and we just saw our first fry this morning! My eventual plan for this one is increasing the planting, building out the schools/shoals so that they each have about a dozen, and adding a single or pair of bristlenose plecos. The plants seem to be doing well for the most part:

 plants and harlequin rasboras in a 55 gallon planted tank ramshorn snails and plants in a 55 gallon planted tank 

 aquatic banana plant/banana lily with a leaf shooting towards the surface aquatic banana plant/banana lily with a leaf at the surface


Rotala are just about ready for some cuttings, the hornwort is on its third round of cuttings, the banana plant grew its floating leaf last week, the java fern is struggling a bit but paradoxically propagating like crazy, and there's a java fern, java moss, and a couple other plants and grasses. Bonus - I bought this plant (below) locally and have no idea what it is. Anyone?

small unknown red plant 

The kuhlis have been predictable elusive since adding them to this tank, so here's a shot from before they moved:

loach being a goofball half-buried in fine gravel 

Loaches gonna loach.

Second tank is a 20 long that holds some skrimps, mystery snails, and a small school of cardinal tetras that will eventually be moved over to the 55 gallon.

20 gallon long aquarium with plants, hardscape, cardinal tetras, and a breeding box for shrimp

The cardinals were an accidental buy - I got one lumped in with my first batch of neons, and of course the only answer was to buy him a school. The shrimps are majority neos of different colors and grades, with two amanos that were part of a group that tagged along with some plants.

red cherry shrimp on a prefilter. red cherry shrimp on the bottom of a tank

amano shrimp on a piece of driftwood red cherry shrimp on bottom of the tank in front of hardscape

cardinal tetras and harlequin rasboras in front of a planted log cardinal tetras and harlequin rasboras in front of a planted log

blue/rili cherry shrimp on some hardscape


I also have two quarantine tanks going - a 5 gallon with a small group of red cherry shrimps and some stowaway ramshorns, and a 10 gallon with two short fin snow white bristlenose plecos (and a mystery snail who avoided the evacuation to the 20 long).

335676313_166987115759836_460399709754259849_n.jpg.cd2fd345fcdccff923b1956cd8307401.jpg 335532656_607130007482835_6350135280441101661_n.jpg.7a06cfec6a7d1749f6c770f39a448076.jpg 335050991_210780848249070_8584839654635186586_n.jpg.7d88d4817c87e77c554c1f19c7588897.jpg

Anyways, glad to be here and glad to be back in the hobby. Ultimately we would like to breed neos and plecos, but will be moving out of state in the next 3 months so we are switching gears to prepping what we have for the move and are done buying new fish (unless I can get my hands on a group of longfin green dragon plecos) until they are settled back in.


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Thanks for the welcome, all! If anyone knows what the little red plant is, feel free to give me a shout.

@Fish Folk, the cardinals are the best "accidental" buy I've made for sure! I can't wait to get a few more.

@BeeGryphon thanks! I used Seachem Flourish & Flourish Trace when I first started them, but I've fallen off on the habit - they've really taken off on their own! 

@TrogdorTheBettanator Go for it! Mine has not been difficult at all, it acted like a rhizome plant initially (no roots, don't bury, just rest on top of the substrate) and grew its own roots. I got mine from a brick & mortar fish store in MD, but I'm sure they're good through aquarium co-op. I'll be sure to share pictures if/when it flowers!!

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On 3/11/2023 at 6:02 PM, TrogdorTheBettanator said:

Hi there! That banana plant is amazing! It makes me want to get one now lol

As an update on the banana plant, he's sprouted a second lily pad!

338534582_644031097733581_497870651556452592_n.jpg.58a1e3d145824a8e9c9f0a88cd06a3ae.jpg      338669450_442030668123905_2805380359190465931_n.jpg.63ab5d8e9bb98206deca29a7bed3ffe4.jpg      338699536_140598178735029_2555299248084885362_n.jpg.1ef9950014342ffd803c4bd242cf575a.jpg

I'll find a good forum area to post a tank update, but we've got the cardinals integrated to the 55 gallon and the plants are doing stellar as a whole. Picture preview:

338498615_547878507333216_8713672307791271749_n.jpg.4c38e76a5c336359f5d2fefd4999cdd7.jpg    338565043_2165268973863832_8742821739765740316_n.jpg.f15b0eff2f040c54762edbb855a984dd.jpg    338696682_2269151469938689_572313936808685770_n.jpg.debf1771f4ef589dccb74508a51ffff7.jpg

338504998_166717382937721_8173127138582338763_n.jpg.f6d384c76f239a540537ff609bd621ee.jpg    338494483_1654294805041892_168396280572107261_n.jpg.348326c243413883f63c973a47fe1051.jpg

338864476_5963184407068133_517203505108384951_n.jpg.262a5f41b8e4b158c3f2a8b8507c106b.jpg    338576823_1083262369298524_5035221715616447516_n.jpg.55ebaefda866130218611b4e762ec462.jpg    338662835_186072824188523_7449821408557245961_n.jpg.685fa5c1cd5623c19036f30509cdb25e.jpg


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