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Tank at the medical clinic


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Yesterday I went to a clinic that had a big tank setup for people waiting in the lobby. There were 3 people sitting 3 feet away staring at the fish go back and forth. It seemed to be clean and cared for - maybe a little crowded but not badly so. There was driftwood for the Pleco who didn't seem to be starving. The one little fish seemed a bit overwhelmed but I wonder if fish come and go in the tank over time. The tank maintenance business even included a handy sheet with types of fish and information about them. (though they did put a disclaimer that it may not match the fish in the tank exactly).Β 


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On 2/23/2023 at 2:41 PM, MAC said:

I'll tell ya what, I've been sitting at the VA for almost an hour now and I sure wish they had an aquarium!Β 

As a kid my dentist had a huge saltwater tank that I actually looked forward to visiting.Β 

Yeah. Β I really hate the waiting rooms here at Overton Brooks VA medical center. The chairs are older than me, not old enough to be antique or new enough to be trendy, and made before comfort was a thing.


but the price is right.

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