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What do you put your aquarium on?


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I’m looking at options for what I’m going to be putting my future tank(s) on and I was wondering what all you guys are using.  I’ve stuck so far with only putting them on stands advertised specifically for aquariums.  

Do any of you use just shelves, dressers, drawers, counters and bookcases?  If so how big are the tanks you have on them?  

Do you use racks? If so do you worry about the combined weight of the tanks on your floors? Have you reinforced your floors?

If you use aquarium specific stands do you have a favorite brand/type? Is there a type you avoid?

Thanks guys looking forward to your answers!

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 Check out this thread. Lots of people use the restaurant style metal shelving.

@Bill Smith  was able to pick up some for $40 from Home Depot.


I have many of my tanks on rolling tool chests and yes I do have a concrete floor. Which also makes it easy when I spill water.


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It's relatively easy to build a stand, or rack, but without tools or space it can be kinda hard to do so. I have some of my aquariums on Kallax stands from ikea, some on dressers, some on metal aquarium stands, it just kinda depends on their size and the available space. I only have two tanks bigger than 20 gallons, and they are on stands designed for the weight. If your floors aren't right on a concrete slab, I think it's probably best to keep the weight well distributed. I wouldn't stack more than, say, three 20 gallons on top of each other. If you have a concrete slab, then that number is definitely different. I think it's also a little better to keep more weight near corners of the house, because there is a little more support there. I'm not sure of the math, but this has been my experience and what I typically do. I know some of the garage stands, like this, describe how much weight they can hold. With the wire shelves, I think most people put some kind of plywood or other base over the wire to better secure them, too.

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6 hours ago, Girbot said:

If so do you worry about the combined weight of the tanks on your floors? Have you reinforced your floors?

Yes I have braced my floors. I think this is something overlooked in the hobby as it is not brought up too often. I braced my floor for my 110 gallon tank with a 30 gallon sump. I used 2 floor support jacks in my basement with a 4x4 spanning the two floor joists the tank sits on. My tanks sits parallel on the joists so I also added 2x8 bridging or "blocking" between the joists to evenly distribute the weight between both joists. Usually in homes the floor joists span the shortest distance of the room. This makes the best place for aquariums being along the longest wall with the tank sitting perpendicular on to the joists. That way the tank will sit on the most joists, evenly distributing the weight. Also a good idea to check your floor joists for damage, cracks, large holes, chunks missing from previous work etc. All things to consider when adding a tank volume of 75 gallon or more. I attached Marinelands spec sheet for standard size tanks which gives an approximate full weight.

Rectangular Tanks Specs and Sizes (1).JPG

Rectangular Tanks Specs and Sizes (2).JPG

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I have smaller tanks too, and I don't have one single "aquarium" stand. I use furniture and counter tops. That said, the pine Ikea dresser holding a combined 31 gallons of small tanks needed beefed up center supports to prevent middle sag. A few little 2x4 blocks did the job. One day I might need to worry about floor support if I ever go big, but I think I like my "distributed" fish room better for now. Every room has at least one tank.


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