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Baby brine shrimp, puttin in work!


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It’s been so exciting harvesting BBS again here lately. It’s been a good while since I’ve needed to do so. I have made a couple random batches but I’ve got fry now so I “need” to do so. Wasn’t really ready for them to do so but these rainbow shiners have been spawning regularly and I’m having a blast raising a few fry to try and work out a good system. I’ll need more/ better infusoria type foods for when I go full tilt and try to breed a good mess of them. I got by with powdered repashy for their first couple of weeks now they are ready for some BBS. 
to me these are such tiny fry and translucent basically as well. So hard to see, at first I needed a magnifying glass to find them. (Disclaimer: I do have 50 year old eyes) In my breeder box I have a fry I caught with a turkey baster as soon as the spawning stopped/ took a break I suctioned the area lightly and placed all in the box, a couple weeks later a fry popped up I couldn’t believe it! Then a day or two later I seen a free swimming fry in the big tank so I got my turkey baster out and was able to collect 4 more fry of these only 1 survived now I have two. I still see free swimmers in big tank but I don’t bother them hoping they will make it.C98CF3D9-4F60-4596-B63B-EAC0A525E64A.jpeg.0ab0a28c451ca433e883ebca376a0258.jpeg

Before BBS⬇️0B44D00C-2029-4FE6-99F8-E90E2488564F.jpeg.431f46b2b736c581daa70830a95e89a0.jpeg

after ⬇️ 😊👀B5119428-5973-4B27-A878-D494F1D15369.jpeg.c4022897dc18fa2f17bac5cc60cb91d3.jpeg



I can now see them from across the room 10-ish feet.9ACE3DC4-4248-4925-B2B2-A969BCE4D89C.jpeg.52d07412ae70a42f140da0d0de425c4c.jpeg

just sayin.🫣

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