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ULTIMATE DESIGN CONTEST***Upcoming for Nerm Week 2022 (July 10-16)

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Halo fellow NERM and forum members! In less than a month we will hold the annual Nerm week and I've volunteered to run the ULTIMATE fish room/fantasy design contest. This contest is just for fun there are no prizes BUT your fellow forum members will vote on designs and there will be a design winner. Since I'm running this thing (bwaahahaaaa) I've decided too that four of our emojis will count as votes and they will be different points! 

  • Blue Heart Emoji = 2 points
  • Laughing Emoji = 3 points
  • Love Emoji = 4 points
  • Trophy Emoji = 5 points

I wanted to put this out there early because the contest starts July 10th- this is when I will start an OFFICIAL thread to post your entry on (so no posting ENTRIES here, just questions, comments or interest in this particular event please so I can see if we will go ahead with it- cause why if there is no interest? 🙂). This entry can be on paper, a list, a drawing, a computer drafted drawing, made out of building blocks, a video- anything goes! It can be a fish room, a wall of a room a room or building related to just fish, or as you will see below my example a WHOLE house based on the aquarium hobby. Each person who wants to participate only gets ONE entry and ONE official entry post. You can add pictures, graphics etc. Be as creative as you wanna be!

For an example and to illustrate (literally in my case) a potential entry (I won't be officially participating)- and hopefully to inspire you! Here is how an entry would look:


THIS is my "dream house" Ulitmate Design Challenge Entry! (not entry):

This house is an open courtyard house, meaning it has no front/back or side yards but the house wraps around an outdoor area! The ENTIRE inside wall is a one story public aquarium style tank (gallons? I didn't count the thing is HUGE)- could be salt OR fresh water- and like most public aquariums the flow of the aquarium will simulate a constantly moving body of water. Each room has a wall view from the inside!

The inner OUTDOOR courtyard features a Zen Garden "Island" surrounded by seating/viewing area accessed by Japanese style bridges from one of 2 Archway Openings with aquarium view above your head and below your feet! under the bridge and around the Zen Garden is a freshwater/Koi river. 

Here are some key features of this home:

  • 4 car garage with carriage door opening (fully motorized)
  • Mechanic/Shop Area
  • Fish Equipment/Maintenance room
  • Large Entryway and seating areas throughout
  • GIGANTIC Kitchen and Dining area (Kitchen island, restaurant grade stove/fridge etc, plenty of seating)
  • Huge Entertainment area (big screen, soundsystem, pool table (because- water theme ha!), air hockey (cause I like it)
  • NO GYM!!!! (fantasy right?!)
  • Guest Bedroom- even gets its own view with the luxury bathroom down the private hall so you don't have to be seen in pjs
  • My favorite part- beside the GIANT aquarium in full view? DUAL MASTER SUITES with giant closets, HUGE spa bathroom WITH as spa, giant shower, dual sinks and a big lounge area with glass doors that open onto the spa bathroom. 



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😄 @Guppysnail if only I could build it, but alas I am not a Gates or Jobs or Musk

@Torrey looking forward to it!  - as to viewing- tbh I thought about that electric glass that would shade up when you really wanted privacy or darkness but one way viewing would be cool- HOWEVER as thick as it would be not sure what you would be seeing from the courtyard or if it would even matter since I personally would rarely have a guest! So anti-social I am 😀



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Man, I'm so out of my element when it comes to fish rooms but it does get me thinking. I'm also one of those nano fish people who would stock a 1,000 gallon tank with 1,000 rummy nose tetra so idk if I could fill a whole room with 100,000 fish haha

I might have to dream up a way!

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