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Hello everyone - Rob from Indiana

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Have watched this forum from the sidelines for a long time - love everything the group stands for

Out of High school pet store employee - late 80s Store owner - followed by 10 years retail management - and currently 22 years in construction road excavation field

I have always had single 37 gallon tank in house after my store owning days -

I started watching co-op videos somewhere in 2017 and was really inspired to get back into fish keeping on a larger scale - added tanks from there.

Spent my vacation, Memorial week combining all nano tanks to single 7 foot rack in my office

I have an out of control illness when it comes to BN plecos - spending my time moving pairs around to see what variations can produce.

Our local stores - Petsmart and Petco get regular donations of them and mystery snails to help with overpopulation

working on Neon Tetra spawns currently and different Cory Cats- only Albino successful at this time

My current and future setups are :

 2-65gallon,  2-5gallon, 4-7gallon, 2-15gallon Fluval, 2-9gallon Fluval, 1-20gallon long - and very soon plan to add 2-40gallon breeder rack

Thanks everyone for all the wonderful information I have discovered on this forum-


office 65.jpg

nano rack.jpg







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Welcome! Hope you can share your breeding knowledge with us 🙂 Would love to hear how you work with your neons especially! I have some green neons that I'd love to try making more of. So shy, I'd rarely see them if it weren't for my "dither" endlers!

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On 6/15/2022 at 11:53 AM, BradleyH20 said:

Welcome. Very sweet setup. What kind of racking system are you working with? I like that it's a bit classier than your typical warehouse/shop/garage rack

Thank you -

They are Raybee from Amazon

Only downside was the 400lb per shelf issue - not so much a worry with all nano tanks

They're metal shelves. I have everything on oversized leveling pad - and can see all parts behind the tanks except for what rest near office desk -

I was concerned there might be water standing without my knowledge - so far so good

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On 6/15/2022 at 3:53 PM, ChargerstoLA said:

I love all the bristlenose you have. That chocolate has a nice full beard that I am jealous of. I have been breeding bristlenose and I am trying to find my next pleco to try and breed. 

He's now somewhere near the 6 year old mark -He's still extremely  healthy and he still takes care of his young like he always has.




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