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  1. I am not sure if my Black Ram has hole in the head. Here are some photos. I have had him about 7 months. 2 weeks ago I added some of plants and crystal shrimp to the tank. No signs on my other black Rams or the other fish on the tank. Water Parameters: Ph 6.6, Gh 3, Kh 7, Nitrate 10 (struggle to get over 20) I use remineralized RO This next photo is the partial cave he has claimed as home. Maybe he is scraping against the skate edges.
  2. It’s just a cheap knockoff from Amazon. I chose to use it because I wanted to fill the bottom part with filter media from a previous tank to jumpstart my cycle. I feel at this point I may not be getting all I can out of it.
  3. How did you stick the mesh to the back wall? Amazing tank by the way.
  4. He used to be fatter!!! He was uncomfortable to look at. But since he trimmed down my snail population he has started losing weight.
  5. Thanks for the tips. I think it worked. If it didn’t here is the link. Moss Wall
  6. I decided on making a giant wall of the moss, I am shocked how much was actually there. I made a new post of my journey so far.
  7. Moss wall!!! I am in the middle of re-scaping 3 of my tanks and I thought you guys would enjoy the process. I do not know exactly how I want everything to finish. But I am open to any suggestions during this journey. I really let the tanks go once my newborn came I finally have time, so it is time to step my game up. Tank #1 - 6 Gallon Neocardinia I let a ton of Subwassertang take over the tank. I already took it all out. My end goal for this tank is to convert it over to a Sulawesi Shrimp tank. Tank #2 - 50 Gallon Former discus (1 left) with Congo Tetras, long fin Black Rams, and Nessie the Blue Phantom Pleco. Redo the scape, scrap a lot of floaters. Tank #3 30 Gallon former Bonsai with Plecos, Fatso the loach, a Golden Wonder Killi and the shells of many eaten snails. I have no clue what I want to do with this tank. I was thinking musk turtle but I need to do a lot more research. Current #1: I took all the subwassertang and floated it into tank #3. I have a really fat Yoyo Loach (named Fatso) who eats all snails. So I want to let it hang out there so he can clear it out. Tank #2 is snail free and I hope it stays that way. Fatso already hunting snails: After asking for suggestions and doing some research, I figured out what I wanted to do with all the moss I have. I decided on adding a moss wall to Tank #2. I still want to leave it in tank #3 to clear out more snails, I found some while making the wall. I also hope that some extended time laying flat will help it to adhere better. I kept trying to figure out how I will get it to stay laying flat and close to the light. Turns out it was super easy, barely an inconvenience. It literally floats on its own. Attaching it to the back wall will be interesting now that I know it floats. Hopefully someone has some suggestions. Next Steps: Tank #1 - Order Salty Shrimp and start doing water changes to get the right ph. Not sure if I am going to leave the Neocardinia in or take them out. I also have some hard scape in another tank that I want to add that is covered in Algae. Tank #2 - I am on the hunt for the right piece of wood and place a big order for plants. The tank initially had crypts and stem plants. But Nessie decided nothing is going to stay and would uproot or eat them all. This time I am going for a lot of plants with rhizomes to attach to the wood and hard scape. Not sure if I want to leave the slate or go with different stones. Right now the pieces of slate on the right form a cave that Nessie owns. Tank #3 — No idea. Maybe some suggestions from you guys here. Maybe musk turtle but I have zero clue what they need. So first, maybe some research time.
  8. I currently have a 6 gallon tank full of Subwassertang. I am working on a new scape in another tank and I would love to incorporate this into the new tank. Currently, the 6 gallon has no flow and just a sponge filter. The tank I am going to has a canister filter so there is definitely some flow. Will it all stay together if I just leave it? Anyone got some tips on an epic way to incorporate this into a new scape. I don’t know exactly what direction I want to go, so I am open to all suggestions.
  9. I would love to. I just wonder how to get it to stay in one place and stay as one piece. That makes me feel confident. I plan on just taking out all the water and put RO water remineralized with salty shrimp 7.5
  10. I am looking for suggestions. Currently I have a 6 gallon tank that is full subwassertang (see photo). I got neglectful of the tank and the next thing I know it is extremely full. It also houses who knows how many neocardinia shrimp and of course some bladder snails. First, I am looking to do something epic with the subwassertang. I am re-scaping my 50 gallon tank and I think I really could make something pop with it. Anyone got any tips or suggestion to help do this ? Second, I plan on trying to convert the 6 gallon into a Sulawesi shrimp tank. The tank is well seasoned and the walls have algae for them to graze on (see tank was neglected). However, the substrate is potting soil with a sand cap. Do you think this is fine to leave? I worry the potting soil will lower the Ph because I will be using RO with Salty Shrimp 7.5 to get the right ph for the shrimp. I am open to suggestions and tips.
  11. That is a great point, I have 2 other possible tanks but I am not sure how it will go. My other tank is home to another Apisto pair, so I worry introducing the male to that environment will cause another set of issues. My other tank is a 6 gallon with nothing but shrimp. It would become a slaughterhouse!!!
  12. @Fish Folk I don’t have any dither fish in this tank. I might have to get some, issue is the tank is a 20 gallon square so I am not sure how many I would fit. Beautiful cockatoo, I love the colors.
  13. Trying to confirm this is a M/F apistogramma agassizii pair. I have had them about a week the “male” has been very aggressive towards the “female”. I do have plenty of hidey holes, but I am not sure if he is just being so territorial because they are both males.
  14. I photo would help the best, I am struggling to image what biofilm would clog filters up so much and would come on a plant. Also do you have any parameters on your tank. How long are your lights on?
  15. The moment when you wife realizes you have a ton of more photos of your fish then of her. Also, yours tanks are cleaner than your own kitchen.
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