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New(ish) aquarist from Indiana

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Hi! When I was a kid my dad had an angelfish tank he loved and hooked me into the hobby. I had a guppy tank in my bedroom that I now know was horribly stocked (1 albino Cory and 1 pleco of some sort or another 😬). In high school I had my guppy population well maintained but when I went off to college my dad started feeding them much more and I came back to 3x as many fish at Christmas! I do not recall the ultimate demise of the tank but I’m going to assume moving away from home played a roll. Since then I’ve always wanted another tank but just haven’t ever done it.

Recently a coworker decided we needed a shop “dog” and brought in a betta. I was rather horrifiDawg the Fished to see the tiny betta cube that was his new home. I never had bettas but I couldn’t understand how such big flow you fins could be comfortablE897C713-5D92-4050-9C3B-4BB6899585C5.jpege in less than a 1/2 gallon of water. So I started doing research. And more research. And more research. Now our shop “dog” has a 3 gallon filtered and heated condo instead of a New York studio apartment! Does he need a bigger tank? Yes, but I have to also keep the bosses happy since he15 gallon planted tankF56C5B97-E439-46EE-A3A9-39B72629B0FB.jpeg.b2dc3da49b77350df91cb6d69f545136.jpeg is technically unauthorized!

Since Dawg’s arrival in my life I have also started cycling a 15 gallon planted tank, added a 5 gallon quarantine tank that is also the home to my own betta Phinneas, because I’m impatient and couldn’t wait to get a tank cycled before buying a betta. And because I mistakenly thought bottled bacteria would speed up the process and not be cruel to my poor fish. Hey, we’re all beginners, right?Phinneas the betta


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On 5/21/2022 at 11:46 PM, Crabby_Aquarist said:

Of course he does! We had to make him an official member of the team! And our 19 year old apprentice was really excited to make it 🙂

Love the name plate, and he is gorgeous! He isn't a fan of U. Of GA football by any chance, is he? Woof!

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