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  1. Sunny

    Sore on guppy?

    Thank you! These two didn’t make it but I’ve got two babies that seem to be doing well. Depending on what sex they are I’ll try again with the store guppies. I have equilibrium ready to go!
  2. I do know that PetSmart brings in fish from wholesale to their distribution centers, which then get sent to the local stores, vs Petco, where each store gets fish in directly from the wholesalers. (Source: PetSmart employee)
  3. That’s so exciting! I keep hoping I’ll be surprised by some panda cory babies too.
  4. Crushed coral has kept my ph from crashing but it’s never made it go up. But the two guppies I got just did horrible and I’d like to figure out what about my water is disagreeing with them before I potentially kill some more.
  5. I’m seeing 6.8 on the strips and 7.8 on the liquid kit, and I could be totally off trying to read the colors. It’s my understanding that 6.8 is barely acceptable for most fish and too low for live bearers, while 7.8 is a great number for most fish including live bearers. Right?
  6. I kind of believe the strips, too, based on how the guppy situation went, but I feel like there’s a huge difference between 6.8 and 7.8. ETA: my water out of the tap is soft, which may also explain the guppy crash, which is why I’m not sure if it was ph or not?
  7. Oh, interesting. Do you know if the more recent test strips have the issue resolved?
  8. Hi everyone, after having my first guppies die on me, I’m trying to figure out my water. I’m showing a pretty big difference between the Coop strips and API test kit. The test kit did expire in January, but even before then it was showing my PH to be much higher than the aquarium coop test strips do (the difference didn’t matter until I tried to keep guppies!) Thanks!
  9. Sunny

    Sore on guppy?

    Now my other guppy is acting lethargic and not eating. I poked him and he just rolled over. 😭 I really didn’t understand my water as well as I thought I did. Poor things.
  10. Sunny

    Sore on guppy?

    Thanks. PetSmart had two one-day old guppy fry in the tank that they gave me for free, and I’ve got them in a different tank that’s my normal water so hopefully they grow up adjusted. I’ve been consoling myself by watching their antics. 😍
  11. Sunny

    Sore on guppy?

    Update: he didn’t make it. 😞 I’m finishing the round of antibiotics hoping that the other guppy doesn’t get sick with whatever this was.
  12. Like a few others here, I’m in Georgia! Specifically, near Atlanta, and since we’re doing Olympic facts: Atlanta was home of the Centennial Olympics, which was the last summer Olympics in the US, and was also the one with the bomb.
  13. I’m not sure, but when I accidentally add to much in my 10 gallon it makes the water cloudy for a while.
  14. Sunny

    Sore on guppy?

    I finally got the hardness up to 300 ppm (I also have no idea the difference between lingo). I’ll track down some equilibrium because my buffer is sitting at 40 lol. I guess the coral takes a while… Update: the fin is looking better but the sore on his tail definitely got worse.
  15. Sunny

    Sore on guppy?

    Sorry- API ick cure, not med cure
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