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  1. Yeah I’ll say. Lil dude is still hanging in there so fingers crossed he makes it!
  2. Well, she is still alive, somehow... I don’t know that she’s doing better but she doesn’t seem to be violently spazzing out like the last one.
  3. I've got some API EM erythromycin and tbsp per gallon salt in there. I put a towel over the aquarium to make it as stress-free as I possibly can. She's still hanging in there (literally, just kind of floating at the top). I'll update again in a few hours!
  4. She's still hanging in there this morning, but still doesn't look good. All three came from the same tank & shipment. Maybe if the second female doesn't make it, I'll either a) give up on the females or b) try from next week's shipment......... The male still seems to be good, so far.
  5. I dunno.... it’s not looking good. The male still seems to be doing fine, but the female is doing the same thing the first one was doing and starting to spaz out, then sink... it’s just so oddly specific. It’s about 22 hours after getting home from the store, which is right when the last female started exhibiting the signs.
  6. Ammonia is 0 and nitrites are somewhere between 0 and .25 (I did a 50% wc last night). I dosed some prime in there to detox the nitrites until I can do another wc this evening. Do you think I can go up to the full strength of 1 tbsp salt for one gallon for the gouramis?
  7. Me too... I’m a little skeptical the new female I have will make it. She’s already darting a little too much for my comfort. I wish there was something I could do that prevented the whatever-it-is. They’ve been at the store since Saturday, so I’m wondering if something between the store and home is just too stressful to overcome.
  8. She just died 😭 I went up to the store before they closed and exchanged for another female. Got her in the tank with the salt, antibiotic and api Gen cure.
  9. Hi friends! You were so helpful with my last issue, maybe we can solve this one. I bought a female and male neon blue dwarf gourami yesterday evening, and have them in quarantine. I had a bad experience with DGs five or six years ago when I first tried to keep them, and had about three die immediately in a very specific way. I thought maybe this time, with meds and quarantine would be different- but alas. What’s happening now, just like before, is that the female started out hanging out at the top- then started going vertical. It happened pretty quickly, about 30 mins ago; the QT is in my office and I’ve been watching them all day. After that, she started absolutely spazzing out. Then, she sinks and breathes very heavily. Then, she’ll get the strength to float up, hang there still for a while, spaz out, arch, swim in tight circles, fall, repeat. The male seems fine for now but I’m worried this might affect him, too. Is there a way to overcome this, whatever it is? About 24 hours ago I bought them, put them in a 10 gallon with api gen cure, api antibiotic, and ich guard (a combo I’ve used before). I tested the water just now and it came back at 0/.25/0, so I did a 50% water change and put in 5 tablespoons of salt since I’m not sure what this is?? Any thoughts? People are out there keeping gouramis so surely not every single one dies in this very specific way??
  10. Sunny

    Parasite problems

    He’s much better today! He swam up to greet me and is back to exploring his tank and zipping around. Yay!!! The danios are also much better and back to chasing each other around. A light at the end of the tunnel! Thank you @Coluand @Dwayne Brown! I think they’re going to make it.
  11. Sunny

    Parasite problems

    The struggle is real 😭 Stay tuned for a report tomorrow morning ....
  12. Sunny

    Parasite problems

    I did add new plants and found out there was a pest snail on one (I think pond snail). He also has a new heater (switched from the original heater that came with the kit to Fluval one so I could put the old one in a quarantine tank). The plants were on Saturday and I think the heater was Thursday or Friday. I went ahead and dosed some erythromycin this morning and this evening he is swimming around like his normal self. Did the snail bring in something?? PS- the danios in the other tank seem to be perking up a bit, and most of them at least made an attempt to get the frozen brine shrimp I dropped in.
  13. Sunny

    Parasite problems

    He did eat this morning (dried bloodworms) but he went right back to hiding in his little betta log. 😞 I just tested the water and got 0/0/20.
  14. Sunny

    Parasite problems

    Some of the danios have been eating, but some are not. It's kind of hard to tell which ones are which, but there's three that are hanging out in the corner that don't seem to be interested. I fasted the whole tank yesterday, so I'll see if they're interested today. Now in my 10 gallon, by betta is lethargic and just sitting on the gravel..... sigh.......
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