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Greetings from New England - snail ID help?

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New to the hobby.  I've got a male Betta in a 15G aquarium with some driftwood and some plants from ACO.  Before I added Jairo to the tank, I added a dozen or so Malaysian trumpet snails obtained online. 

Everyone seems to be doing well.  Water parameters are maintaining stable, as tested with the Master API kit.  I'm due for a water change just out of forming the habit still within the next day or so, but levels are all still well within normal.  I've had some algae growth that I've learned is typical.  I removed a lot of the hair algae I saw with a toothbrush during last water change and increased the easy green a little and adjusted my lights.  Hair algae has remained well under control and plants are starting to adjust (saw some new runners on the vals)

Jairo has some quirky behavior, but nothing that seems wrong (i.e. he likes to play in the bubbles from the ACO sponge filters and air stones, I run two nanos, in opposing corners).  He knocked a few MTSs off the glass when I first put him in but ignores them now.  It was like when Stampy was released into the sanctuary and started head butting all the other elephants in the Simpsons.  He's a picky eater as well.  So far has largely turned away from Xtreme Krill and Spirulina flakes but will gobble up Fluval Bug Bites with vigor.  I've been getting him to eat the Spirulina by fasting him on Sundays and offering that to him first on Monday mornings.

Anyway, I seem to have lucked out and picked up another snail somewhere.  Noticed it the other day but it was really small, so figured it was a baby MTS.  Today though, its about the size of a pea and very different looking than a MTS.  And I guess there are at least two, cause I just noticed another about 1/4 the size.  Its fast.  I went to feed Jairo and saw a large pea sized item falling from my peripheral.  Snail dropped down on some val that's planted, likely from the water sprite above, scurried along the leave, onto another, shot back up to the top of the tank, almost somersaulted? at the top of the water line and when back down to the val to start on the buffet again

As I am typing this, I went and looked and there are at least 4 of the smaller ones I can see plainly.  They're just cruising along the glass and plants cleaning up the algae.  Jairo really couldn't seem to care less which makes me hopeful I could put some other tank mate in with him

Can anyone help me identify this new friend.  Pic of Jairo included:






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Here is a chart that will help, well the first line will about the twist of the shell. Pond snails tend to eat plants and bladder snails tend not to. I tend to agree with @Guppysnail. So this is mostly so you can check and the future. You will probably need a magnifying glass or a Carmela with great zoom.416043D3-438F-4D8A-AD34-8850FCD2F404.jpeg.a81a45c0a6896c373432dd7d60b112ad.jpegthis chart is online on several sites so I’m not going to name the site 

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