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SCAPES FROM SCRAPS! Reunion (Updates!)

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I don't mean to hijack this from @Beardedbillygoat1975 and the other organizers...

'Scapes from Scraps https://forum.aquariumcoop.com/topic/20389-scapes-from-scraps/

...but I'm curious to see how our little projects have come along. Mine is going nuts! the water is super dark a la @Streetwise's tanks but the vase plants (mostly the Bacopa) are still doing well (thinking about putting some sort of light at the base as the Spider plant is taking OVER). I can't believe how huge my Spider plant has gotten since the beginning, it has officially reached the Hiro light. I'd love to see how other participants' scapes are doing!

This comparison was from beginning to April 1st: 20220401_0910201.jpg.913cee1640454bf87e3f764de79142d9.jpg

THIS was taken today (1 month after the "now" photo above)!:



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Mine I took the mushroom tower out. Snails were getting trapped up inside. It was not good. I also stole a rock for the shrimp cave in mom n dads tank. I had to make a lid because my cat kept running away with my emergent plants. Righ now I have an inch plant rooting and a red mangrove on order.
 I left this tank run entirely out of phosphate and did not feed for 2 weeks to make gsa grow in solid to create a background while cleaning the front glass. 

The hair algae out competes itself. It no longer grows on the interior and I do not need the light other than rainy days. The hair algae on the back wall now creates bubbles during the strong sun. I’ve checked many times no cyanobacteria all gsa/hair. 
With all the amazing micro fauna (which dies back while I was trying to grow gsa) I’m going to start feeding it again as I rescued a few CPD fry from a parent tank to the Magical Mystery tank I can pull turkey basters full of micro fauna for them to eat.

It has become ugly to the point of natural beauty to me 🥰 






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PXL_20220504_003323004.jpg.e544506544dbaa7ae9e357f0b665141e.jpgHere is mine; most of the duckweed died off, but it seems to be coming back. Hornwort is growing well. I also added some terrestrial moss to see if it will convert.

As far as livestock goes, the pond snails are breeding as you would expect. I had added one old glass shrimp and he did great for a few weeks but I just found him dead. I did get some RCS but I want to get the colony going in my 10 gal before moving some over. So for now, it is just one BIG happy family of snails. 

I should also mention that it is usually only lit by the window behind it, but I bring the lamp over for better pics.

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  • 3 months later...

Anyone else have an update form their scapes from scraps?

I've taken mine down from its shelf that it started on- the ends of the spider leaves were browning due to less light than it needed- it's such a light hog and the plant lights I have just weren't enough for it anymore. So before I decide to give it away to a relative I thought I'd try one more place in my house- next to my terrarium and Flex9 tank near a big slider window and an LED office light that stays on most of the day. We'll see how it does. 



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Here's mine, I took all of the hornwort out because it was taking over. And finally got some RCS culls in there. As for plants, I still have my one Anubis a few strings of moss that converted and as of yesterday, a new piece lily. Oh, and a little bit of green algae on the glass. 

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