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Hello From Canada

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Hello My name is John,


I am from Montreal, Canada.

I stumble on your youtube channel looking for tricks, tips on Hight tech planted aquarium and really liked the peanut butter M&M video on aquarium cycle 🙂

I have a 125 gallons with an overkill Fluval FX 6 filter ( wish I came across your youtube channel a month earlier 🙂 ).

I had some issue with my setup and felt to the bigger is better trap.

When I see with what you run your huge aquarium I want to cry, but what is done is done 🙂

I recently saw some nice aqua scaping youtube video and loved the green cuba carpet and live plants.

So being the impulsive guy with nothing better to spend money on, I got a full CO2 system with solenoid and time etc etc ....

You can imagine that it didnt go as planned lol, Its been quite an adventure.

From green algea to hair ones, to leaf decay (turning brown and dies).

I had to do a total blackout of my aquarium to get ride of the algae's lol.

Learned alot in the process, last weekend replanted the aquarium following some of Cory's tips and tricks about fertilizing and all.

Hopefully it will work out for the best 🙂

P.S. All my aquarium lights are off, will take pics and post them in the coming days.




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