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Protect a wooden floor from heaven L-shaped iron shelf legs

Karen B.

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So I live in an apartment and all my aquariums are in my living room. My floor is hardwood floor and I want to damage it as little as possible. So far my aquariums/stands had rounded or squared legs and weren't too heavy.

I am upgrading one aquarium to a 30 gallons (I know, not that big of a deal) and bought this shelf that can support 1800 pounds (a bit of an overkill) but it’s legs are L shaped and thin and sharp (ask my very bleeding foot for dropping said leg onto it.).


I tought about the normal adhesive felt but someone told me it would be enough 


So I found these, and was wondering if it would be ok? I would probably play it safe and put 2 one on top of the other for each leg


And/or would it be better to get L shaped plastic leg protector? My problem is that I seem to be between 2 sizes… 




So, hrm… help? 🤪

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They make things, I think they call them furniture pads?  But they should bear the weight and wouldn’t slide because of the weight of your tank.

Found them.



It put me straight to the value pack when I searched, but it looks like they have less, probably a 4 pack.

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I have used the furniture pads before something like Old Duck mentioned  above i did not use them on a tank  but a bed   mine was round … but they work 

amazon has a lot of different ones square ,or round  in different sizes  some are rubber and some has carpet

in amazon search just put in Furniture Coasters for Heavy Furniture

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On 3/31/2022 at 4:32 PM, lefty o said:

i think the legs on that stand would probably cut right through any of those felt or rubber type pads once weight is on it.

Do you have any other ideas or solutions on what I could/should use?

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