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Attaching plants on wet driftwood?

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The wood can still be damp when you apply it. Don't have to worry about it being completely dry.
You just don't want it so soaking wet that the glue runs off.

Give it about a full minute to set before dropping it back into the water. Otherwise it could make a bit of  a mess.

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It only takes a few seconds for the superglue gel to set in the water.  I have glued lots of items directly in the tank.  Glued above water, below water, etc.  The link @Widgetsposted is the last place where I posted a full description of how I proceed.

I have also tied and struggle with that much more than gluing and I don’t see any real difference on speed of attachment for the plant.  The type of rock or wood you’re using as the base matters more.  I like using cholla wood for Java ferns because you can push small rhizomes right into the holes in the cholla with minimal or no glue at all.

Anubias has to be a very small rhizome to push their rather meaty rhizomes into the cholla holes.  I’d rather glue Anubias to mopani or manzanita since it doesn’t deteriorate as fast as cholla.  I’ve had cholla deteriorate enough that the wood almost dissolves away from the plant.  I also like attaching to lava rock since it provides plenty of crevices for the plant to attach.  When I first started, I tried gluing to some fairly smooth rocks.  They had some texture, but it wasn’t enough, and the plants all came loose fairly quickly.  More texture means more for the plant to grip as it grows in place.

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