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Catching Snails


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When I take my bladder snails to the LFS I siphon them up with a python gravel vac into a bucket during a thorough gravel vac (under hard scape decor and stuck to the bottom of hard scape especially wood are always a plethora)  I let the bucket sit for 5-10 minutes and dump the water through a strainer. Most are left stuck to the bucket. I then hand pick them off plants etc so I can pick which ones I want to keep.  When I pick each item up I take it out and wipe the eggs off. This controls my bladder snail population very well. I have bottom feeders and fry in all my tanks so there is always a food supply if I did not manually control them they would overpopulate. 

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On 2/17/2022 at 12:44 AM, BAT said:

Anyone have any tips on how to catch a multitude of bladder snails? Trying to round up a critical mass of them to take to LFS. Thanks!

Least stressful for me is to siphon them with a larger tube than my python, and strain the water with the silicone paint strainer I watched Cory use in the urban fish farm video.

The mulm that comes with them keeps them moist until I have finished sucking the snails, mulm, and any debris from the tank.

I select the "typical" bladders to take to the store, return the prettier bladders, red ramshorns, the Pebbles descendants, and the baby assassins (depending on which tank I siphoned) and MTS to whichever tank I want them in.

I also use this opportunity to restock my 5 gallon snail / scuds breeding containers. 

(Those, I just turn the spigot and catch what I need in a cup or a gallon jug🤷‍♂️)

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On 2/17/2022 at 4:36 PM, BAT said:

@Intuoshow do u get the snails out of the dish? Do they not float away when you pick it up??

If you have a decent net, you can place the dish in the net, and even if they let go of the dish, they are inside the net and easy to put in your bag or other container for transport.

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