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Thanks all. I'm so glad you like them. We're testing electronic plant cleaning techniques now and we've been breeding these guys for over a month and wow did they put on a show!

I'll post any interesting ones as they emerge. I haven't looked into this kind of stuff for years, but I was truly surprised by how inexpensive a USB microscope is nowadays:

USB Scope 1600X

Here are links to what we have so far:

Drop Drama 1

Drop Drama 2

Drop Drama 3

The first one you've seen already.

The second one is wild. I started the camera a little late but if you watch the first few seconds, a hydra stings a live aphid with eggs and begins to consume him. A couple of worms, and I have no idea what they are, then move in and start on the aphid eggs and the hydra tries to sting them but they seem immune to it. 

Nor can the hydra seem to penetrate the eggs. Their eggs are so perfectly symmetrical, they look like rubber washers.

The third one is a high magnification of an aphid egg. At 2000X, high enough to see bacteria, this tiny egg has something moving in the cratered embryo and as the light passes through it, it looks like lunar event!

Scale truly does create phenomena. There's a lot going on in a drop of water! It's another world down there. Thanks for looking everyone. 

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This kind of thing is just a reminder to me of the tiny life that is all around us. I think of myself sometimes as a walking world. On and in me are small bits of life that are travelling the super highways all day interacting with each other with some level of "intelligence" as they all have and know their "jobs". At least I choose to look at it that way. It makes me appreciate things more than when I look at the bigger picture. It is indeed the little things that count in the end. 

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