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Wild type platys


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Wondering if any one keeps wild platys I have seen some beautiful colour forms  of variatus and maculatus platys just my opinion but I think they look more colourful then captive bred colour forms of platys  middle pic of wild maculatus platy




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Middle picture maculatus platy
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On 2/9/2022 at 4:34 AM, laritheloud said:

I haven't kept them but I would love to someday. My understanding is that they tend to have more apparent sexual dimorphism (with plainer females) and the color takes a lot longer to develop than domestic line-bred platy. I think they are so gorgeous, though...

Some types of wild variatus platys have marked sexual dimorphism like xiphophorus variatus  LA laguna males Frist pic female second





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To find wild type livebearers, your best bets are:

1. Get Gills - Bit like Etsy for fish. Individual breeders run small shops off a main website.

2. Dan's Fish - You'll see more goodeids here than poecillids, but there's always a chance of finding some. I believe Dan might have had something to do with starting Get Gills, as they share an interface.

3. Aquabid - think Ebay for fish... interface looks a lot like early Ebay, and you've gotta know your old online payment options, like postal money orders.

4. Vivvy - Newest entrant to the market. Run by Aquatic Arts. Bentley is not a fan. A bit like Get Gills, but with a slicker interface.

5. Ebay - the old standard sometimes still kicks up the odd livebearer auction.

6. Your local fish club. Mine runs a service through the "Band" app.

7. Your local classified ads.

8. Select Aquatics. While the only Poecillid he still sells is Alfaro Cultratus, he still lists the contact info for people he's sold Yucatan Mollies to in the past and the like. It might be worth sending Greg Sage an email if you're really struggling to track a particular species down. Mostly he carries goodeids, but he's up to two species of limia as well.

I'd share links, but I don't recall the linking policy for these boards off the top of my head and don't want to step on any toes. Everything I've listed above is an easy Google search.

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