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I'm with @lefty o I do low tech and very much enjoy my Narrow Leaf and Windelov Java Ferns. I also love Anubias of all kinds. These are all Rhizone plants that don't need a lot of lighting and are easy to propogate- they don't get buried in the substrate you can glue them to decorations/rocks/wood making them totally mobile when you want to rearrange which is one of the things that makes them great. They tend to grow slow but look awesome. 

I'd also like to add I have good luck with Bacopa Caroliniana, Ludwigia Red Needle Leaf (though in a low tech tank they don't tend to turn "red" but still a neat texture to add to a tank) and the compact versions of Amazon Swords (I have big Amazon Swords too but the smaller ones are more manageable). 

Guppygrass and Subbwassertang are also fun. 

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When you mean Low-Tech, are you referring to regular light and no Fertilizers?  

plants that do not need any care are;

#1 Hornwart

2# duckweed (floater) Be warned it will take over your top; you’ll need to get feeder rings to keep the duckweed in or the opposite and allow it to grow and use the feeder rings as openings.

3# Anubis - low light and grow slow

4# any type of tall grass, the shirt grass seems to need more light and care.

5# Amazon swords 


any of those you should be able to have and thrive. 

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