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I Love My Ivanacara

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Hi everyone!

I bought 6 Ivanacara juveniles when I went to Fishtober in Portland this fall. All 6 are doing well and 3 are maturing beautifully. I think they are very underrated.

They get a bit larger than apistos at about 4.5 to 5" for males at maturity. My largest is bigger than my borelli was at his maturity already.

my plan is to have them in my 75 gallon with some angelfish, Costello tetras, and some catfish. 

sorry for the poor quality pictures. It's the best I could do lol 😆









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This is the "Zebra Acara." It used to be called the Nannacara adoketa. But in 2006 it was moved over to its own taxon Ivanacra adoketa. Their color seems to vary. Perhaps, similar to the Laetacara we've kept before, they color up during spawning. Some photos online look pretty stunning. With some blue point LED lighting added, they can take on a remarkable sheen.



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Yep that's what I have. Mine are not mature yet but my two largest are showing that gorgeous dark and dramatic coloration. They truly are stunning in person! 

I adore their behaviors too, super interesting to see their boldness coming out as they get older. Even half grown they are terrors! Voracious predators. They ate all my snails, and even half grown guppies. 

Today I put an earthworm in the tank and I was astonished at how they dispatched a 4 inch worm.

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