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Is it ok to make Betta work for food?


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I'm new at this so I don't want to stress out My Betta. I have been putting the tip of a paint brush (canvas brush wood end) in the top of the water for him to chase then I drop a pellet as I pull out the wooden tip. I do this for 3 pellets in the morning. At noon I do 2 pellets and just before lights out I do 3 pellets. 

Is it stressful to make him chase for his food?

Does it help?

Is it ok to split his meal into 3 times a day instead of 1?


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Small meals are better in my opinion. But its just an opinion. Gorging once i dont feel is good for anything. Playing with your betta I feel is also good. They really have to work much harder in the wild for food. Anything that stimulates fish in a positive manner and keeps them from boredom. 😁

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